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Will Renewables Replace Fossil Fuels?

Will Renewables Replace Fossil Fuels?

The question of whether renewables will replace fossil fuels is a very real one. While most experts agree that the conversion is possible, there are a number of potential roadblocks that should be taken into account.

One of the biggest is the cost. Some argue that deploying renewables at scale would require enormous resources, but other experts believe it’s possible to develop a reliable energy source at a reasonable price.

Solar power is a contender for replacing fossil fuels. However, it’s not likely to work in all parts of the world.

Wind power is another candidate for replacing fossil fuels. It’s been developing slowly over the last decade, but it’s already becoming a significant source of electricity.

Hydroelectric power is another option. If it were used in the right locations, it could provide an important source of energy.

Other options include wind, wave, solar photovoltaics, and geothermal power. However, most of these are diffuse and require systems for storage. Most storage is low-cost and can be located in the ground.

Renewables are a relatively new concept. There hasn’t been a lot of research published about them yet. That said, a number of studies indicate that the global transition to 100% renewable energy is feasible.

However, it’s a relatively long road ahead. It’s estimated that it’ll take at least 12 trillion dollars of generation and capital investment to fully replace fossil fuels.

In the short term, the cost of deploying renewables will be significantly less than the cost of fossil fuels. And that doesn’t even cover the cost of the storage required.

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