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What is Called the Environment?

The environment refers to all the elements that are involved in an organism’s life. These include both living and non-living elements. This includes things such as water, air, soil, and even electromagnetic radiation.

While studying the environment is important, you should also consider the interactions that take place between organisms. For example, there are many species of animals and plants that interact with each other. Typically, these interactions are classified by the positive or negative effect they have on the overall ecosystem.

The human population, however, interacts with the environment in a much more forceful way than other species. Some examples of this are the deforestation and combustion of carbon dioxide. Those effects can cause a rise in the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

There are two main types of environment: a natural and an artificial. The natural environment refers to the physical world around us, whereas the artificial environment refers to the built world.

In a natural environment, all the components are naturally occurring. For instance, oceans, lakes, and rivers are all considered natural environments. Oceans contain salty water, while lakes and rivers have fresh water.

Aside from these, there are also human-made environments. Some of these are artificial, such as buildings, roads, and parks. Others are natural, such as wilderness areas.

The environment is a complex and dynamic system. It has aesthetic and recreational value, as well as a productive value. An organism’s survival and development is influenced by the conditions of the environment.

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