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What City Uses the Most Renewable Energy?

Almost two-thirds of the world’s cities are now powered entirely by clean energy. That means cities in Latin America, Africa and Asia are leading the charge. In addition, nine of the 100 largest US cities are now using renewable sources of energy, and many more are catching up.

The list of the top renewable energy cities in the world was compiled by London-based CDP, which tracks climate-related commitments by governments and corporations. The organization surveyed 275 cities around the world.

These cities were divided into three categories: energy and water utilities, compact mixed-use communities near transit hubs, and large cities. The cities with the highest score earned points for policies to improve efficiency in existing buildings, and for their efforts to reduce energy usage.

The list was rounded out by Houston, Dallas, and Austin. These three cities are making use of wind and solar energy, as well as renewable energy sources such as geothermal.

In the past, Burlington, Vermont was a heavily coal-dependent town, but since a series of changes in the energy sector, it now generates and trades enough energy from renewable sources each year to cover its fossil fuel use. The city has its own utility, and it also purchases electricity from a 12.5 megawatt wind farm outside of town. However, during peak periods, the city might use a small amount of fossil fuels.

San Francisco and Seattle tied for second place, and Boston and Washington, DC, followed closely behind. Both of these cities have policies in place to increase energy efficiency in government operations.

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