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What Are the 8 Principles of Sustainability?

What Are the 8 Principles of Sustainability?

What are the 8 principles of sustainability?

The 8 principles of sustainability are a holistic set of concepts that can be used by cities and businesses to develop sustainable communities. These principles have been developed through decades of research across the globe, and can help cities reduce their carbon footprints, improve mobility, and foster strong economic growth.

Principle 1: Integrated management of resources and ecosystems

The principle of sustainable development is based on the notion that people should use their means and assets judiciously without depleting natural resources. It also promotes the conservation of the earth’s vitality and diversity to protect the living organisms on it.

Principle 2: Human Rights and Social Justice

The right to self-determination of individuals, groups and communities is a fundamental principle in the context of sustainable development. This principle is incorporated in a number of key documents, including the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), the Rio Declaration and the UN Millennium Declaration.

Principle 3: Protection of the environment and biodiversity

The principle that nature should be protected is also a central part of the sustainable development framework. It is a guiding principle in the World Conservation Strategy and the Convention on Biological Diversity.

In addition to the 8 principles, there are several tools and concepts that can be useful when dealing with sustainability, but it is important to choose them wisely, ensuring they fit within the framework and priorities of an organisation’s activities. These include:

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