“Upcycling Plastic Straws into a Macrame Plant Hanger”

“Upcycling Plastic Straws into a Macrame Plant Hanger”

I absolutely love upcycling and finding new ways to reuse items that would otherwise end up in a landfill. It’s so gratifying to turn something disposable into a beautiful handmade creation. Recently, I came across the idea of turning plastic straws into a macrame plant hanger. This easy DIY project is the perfect way to repurpose straws and make an attractive home decor piece.

Gathering Materials

The best part about upcycling straws is that it requires minimal materials. Here is what you will need:

  • Plastic straws – the more you have, the longer your plant hanger can be. I used around 200 straws for a 19 inch hanger.

  • Scissors – to cut the straws to size.

  • Ruler – to measure out the straw pieces.

  • Embroidery floss or twine – to knot the straws together. An earth tone color works nicely.

  • Tape – helps secure knots if needed.

That’s it! The simplicity of the supplies makes this project easily doable.

Preparing the Straws

Before knotting your straws, you need to cut them down to size. I cut my straws into 3 inch long pieces. This length gives enough room to tie sturdy knots.

Be sure your straws are cut as straight as possible on each end. The cleaner the cut, the nicer your finished project will turn out. I used a basic pair of scissors to cut my straws. Take your time to cut slowly and evenly.

Making sure your pieces are cut to a uniform size will help keep your knots consistent and even when macrameing your plant hanger.

Knotting the Straws

Now comes the fun part – knotting! The most common knot used in macrame is the square knot. This is what I used to connect my straw pieces.

Start by taking two straws and folding in half to form a loop. Take the loops and interlock them together. Then, tie the embroidery floss tightly around the intersection in a square knot. Make sure to pull it snug.

Diagram of square knot

Square knot diagram

Continue knotting straws in this pattern, connecting each new straw to the previous knotted row. Work from top to bottom only knotting and never moving up rows. This will keep your knots structured and even.

As you progress, your wall hanging will begin to take shape. Feel free to make your hanger as long or short as you like by adding more straws.

Finishing Touches

Once your hanger reaches your desired length, you’ll want to finish off the bottom neatly. I recommend grouping 3-4 straws together and tying tightly in a gather with embroidery floss. Repeat this at the other end of the bottom as well.

To help hold the shape, you can apply a small piece of tape around the knots on the back. This also helps tidy up any floss ends you trimmed off.

Lastly, cut a piece of floss and tie it around the top center knot to create a hanger loop. Now find a cute potted plant to display in your new straw wall hanging!

Benefits of Upcycling Straws

Upcycling plastic straws into a macrame hanger has many benefits:

  • Reduces waste – Gives used straws new life instead of tossing into landfills

  • Creative reuse – Transforms a single-use item into a decorative handmade craft

  • Saves money – Requires only inexpensive and easily accessible materials

  • Easy to make – Can be created by anyone with simple knots and knots

I love that this project lets my creativity run wild to make something functional out of materials that would normally be trash. It’s also a great beginner DIY craft using simple macrame techniques.

What objects will you reuse to make your own upcycled creations? The possibilities are endless! I find upcycling to be so fulfilling and environmentally friendly.