“Upcycling Leftover Dog Fur into Fuzzy Slippers”

“Upcycling Leftover Dog Fur into Fuzzy Slippers”

I absolutely love my dog Matilda. Her soft, fluffy fur keeps her warm and cozy. However, she sheds a lot, especially during summer. Instead of throwing away all that fur, I decided to upcycle it into something useful – fuzzy slippers!

Why Upcycle Dog Fur?

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials into new products. It helps reduce trash and gives value to something that would otherwise be discarded. Some key reasons why I chose to upcycle Matilda’s fur into slippers:

  • Sustainability: Upcycling reduces waste and enables reuse of existing materials. It aligns with my values of supporting sustainable practices.

  • Cost-effective: Collecting shed fur and upcycling it is inexpensive compared to buying new materials. The only major costs are glue and slipper soles.

  • Sentimental value: Using my dog’s fur to create something I can enjoy every day holds emotional significance. The slippers will remind me of her.

  • Soft and warm: Dog fur is naturally soft, fluffy, and insulating. Perfect for creating cozy slippers!

How to Collect the Dog Fur

To upcycle dog fur into slippers, the first step is collecting shed fur. Here are some tips:

  • Use a furminator: I found using an undercoat rake specifically designed for dogs, like the Furminator, is very effective. It collects loose hair while massaging the skin.

  • Brush regularly: I tried to brush Matilda daily during shedding season. Frequent brushing removes large amounts of fur.

  • Use lint rollers: I keep lint rollers around the house. Rolling these over furnishings helps collect fur.

  • Clean furnace filters: Matilda’s fur often winds up in the furnace filter. I save this fur.

With regular brushing and cleaning, I gathered quite a bit of soft fur in no time!

Preparing and Sanitizing the Fur

Before crafting the slippers, I needed to clean and prepare the fur:

  • Remove clumps and debris: I sifted through the fur and removed any clumps or debris like dirt and twigs.

  • Disinfect: Since the fur had been around the house, I disinfected it by spraying lightly with rubbing alcohol. This helped remove germs and odors.

  • Fluff up: Next, I fluffed up the fur by massaging it repeatedly. This helped separate and aerate the fibers.

  • Card: Finally, I used dog grooming cards to brush out the fur, align the fibers, and remove any remaining clumps.

After sanitizing and preparing the fur, it was ready to be transformed into cozy slippers!

How to Make Dog Fur Slippers

With my upcycled fur ready, it was time to begin crafting. Here is an overview of my slipper-making process:

Supplies Needed

  • Dog fur
  • Felt or flexible faux leather for outer slipper surface
  • Fabric glue
  • Rubber soles
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Fabric scraps (for decoration)


  1. Cut out slipper tops: Using the fabric, I cut out two rectangular pieces for the top of the slippers, leaving extra for seams.

  2. Sew outer seam: With the right sides facing, I sewed the perimeter of the slipper tops, leaving an opening.

  3. Attach soles: Next, I attached the rubber soles to the bottom edge of each slipper, gluing firmly.

  4. Fill with fur: Now for the fun part – filling the slippers with fur! I used generous amounts to make them plush.

  5. Sew opening: Once filled, I hand-sewed the openings closed.

  6. Decorate: Finally, I decorated using fabric scraps, sewing on flowers or other embellishments.

And that’s it – my upcycled fuzzy dog fur slippers were complete!

Customizing Your Own Dog Fur Slippers

While those are the basics, there are many ways to customize your own dog fur slippers:

  • Try different fabrics: Canvas, denim, faux suede or fur work for the outer surface. Get creative!

  • Add support: For additional comfort, add an inner sole or padding. Memory foam works great.

  • Make boots instead: Rather than slippers, try fashioning fur lined winter boots.

  • Felting: For firmer slippers, felt the fur first before sewing.

  • Match your decor: Coordinate fur colors and embellishments to your home’s style.

The possibilities are endless when upcycling dog fur into footwear!

The Benefits of Upcycled Dog Fur Slippers

Upcycling Matilda’s shed fur into these one-of-a-kind fuzzy slippers has been wonderful. Here are some of the great benefits:

  • They are incredibly soft and warm – I look forward to slipping them on!

  • It was inexpensive and used only recycled materials.

  • The process was creative and fun. It felt good to make something unique.

  • They have sentimental value and remind me of my beloved dog.

  • Knowing I repurposed waste fur instead of throwing it out is satisfying.

  • People are always impressed when I share that they are made from my dog’s fur!


For any dog owner dealing with constant shedding, upcycling the excess fur into custom slippers is a crafty solution. The process is easy, affordable, and reduces waste. Plus, you end up with a cozy wearable memento from your furry friend. I loved breathing new life into Matilda’s fur, and wearing it keeps her warm and close. With a little creativity, your leftover dog fur can also be upcycled into something pawsome!