“Upcycling Grass Clippings into Fun Lawn Ornaments”

“Upcycling Grass Clippings into Fun Lawn Ornaments”

Upcycling Grass Clippings into Fun Lawn Ornaments

I absolutely love getting creative and finding fun new ways to decorate my yard and garden. One of my favorite projects is upcycling grass clippings into cute lawn ornaments and accents. Not only is this a budget-friendly way to add personality to your outdoor space, it also gives new life to lawn clippings instead of just throwing them away.

Gathering Materials

The great thing about upcycling grass is you likely already have most, if not all, of the supplies you need. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Grass clippings – Freshly mowed grass works best. Allow clippings to dry out a bit before using.
  • Floral foam – Look for green foam blocks at craft stores or flower shops.
  • Scissors or a knife – To cut the foam into shapes.
  • Toothpicks or skewers – For securing clippings to the foam base.
  • Decorative embellishments (optional) – Ribbon, raffia, twine, gems, feathers, etc. to decorate.

I like to gather grass over the course of several mowings so I have a good amount to work with for larger projects. Store clippings in a paper bag or box while they dry.

Crafting Creative Lawn Accents

With the materials gathered, it’s time for the fun part – making lawn ornaments! Here are some easy beginner projects to try:

Simple Shapes

Cut floral foam into fun shapes like circles, hearts, stars, or even spell out words and letters. Use toothpicks to insert blades of grass all over the foam surface to cover it completely. These make great standalone accents to place in flowerbeds or on steps.

For extra flair, wrap ribbon or raffia around the edges or insert feathers and gems into the grassy surface. Get creative with shapes and decorations!


Turn grass clippings into faux topiaries for a whimsical garden look. Cut foam into simple cone, cylinder, or box shapes. Cover with grass as described above.

Use scissors to trim the grass flat across the top and sides to create neat edges. Top with decorative finials, bows, or ornaments. Place in pots or set directly in the garden.

Mini Wreaths

Cut thick rings of foam for circular wreath bases. Cover with grass clippings to make mini wreaths perfect for hanging on walls, fences, or decorating garden markers.

Make them holiday-themed by adding decor like faux berries and pinecones for Christmas or sunflowers and raffia for summer. They also make great gifts!

Tips for Success

Follow these tips as you upcycle grass clippings into fun lawn ornaments:

  • Allow clippings to dry out a bit before using so they adhere best to the foam.
  • Apply clippings to the foam base using a generous amount of toothpicks to keep them secure.
  • Trim edges with sharp scissors for a clean look.
  • Store foam shapes in a dry spot out of direct sunlight when not in use.
  • Make repairs as needed if clippings start to loosen or fall out.
  • Remake new shapes each season to match your changing garden style.

With a little creativity and minimal cost, you can give grass clippings new life in fun and crafty ways. The possibilities are endless! Let your imagination run wild as you upcycle free lawn trimmings into chic lawn ornaments and accents this season.