“Upcycling Egg Cartons into Tiny Wastebaskets”

“Upcycling Egg Cartons into Tiny Wastebaskets”

Upcycling Egg Cartons into Tiny Wastebaskets

I absolutely love finding creative ways to reuse and upcycle items around my home rather than sending them straight to the landfill. One of my favorite upcycling projects is transforming egg cartons into adorable miniature wastebaskets. With just a few simple materials and tools, you can give new life to empty egg cartons and reduce waste at the same time.

Gather Your Materials

  • Empty egg cartons – cardboard or plastic
  • Scissors or hobby knife
  • Acrylic paint and paintbrushes
  • Mod Podge or other sealant/varnish
  • Decorations like glitter, gems, ribbon, etc. (optional)

Make sure to clean out your egg cartons thoroughly and let them dry before starting this project. Collect any other materials and tools you want to use to customize your miniature wastebaskets.

Shape the Wastebaskets

Carefully use scissors to cut around each individual egg cup in the carton to separate them. These will be the bases of your tiny wastebaskets.

Next, cut a straight line across the lid of each egg cup to create an opening. Be sure not to cut the bottoms off. The egg cups should now have one closed end and one open end for tossing in small pieces of trash.

If desired, use scissors to round the corners of each wastebasket and cut patterns or designs into the sides. Get creative with shaping them!

Paint and Decorate

Now the fun part – painting and decorating! Use acrylic craft paint in any color or pattern you like to coat the outside of each wastebasket.

Try dipping them in paint for a smooth coat or go wild with polka dots, stripes, swirls or other funky designs. Let the painted wastebaskets dry fully before moving onto the next step.

Once dry, you can further customize them using glitter, gems, ribbon, stickers or any other embellishments you like. Get creative and make each tiny trash bin unique!

Seal and Finish

Finally, seal and finish your decorated egg carton wastebaskets with a coat of Mod Podge or another sealant/varnish. This will help protect your designs and strengthen the egg carton material.

Make sure to apply the sealant on both the inside and outside surfaces and let fully dry. Your cute upcycled wastebaskets made from egg cartons are now ready to hold tiny pieces of trash!

Usage Ideas

Here are some ideas for putting your miniature egg carton wastebaskets to good use:

  • On office desks or nightstands to hold paperclips, rubber bands, earrings and other small items
  • In kids’ rooms, bathrooms or play areas for tossing little pieces of paper, wrappers or other tiny trash
  • Holding thumbtacks, pushpins and other small supplies on bulletin boards or cubicle walls
  • At a craft station or hobby table for bits of yarn, string, beads etc.
  • On bathroom counters for holding cotton balls or swabs

The options are endless! I hope you enjoy this earth-friendly project and find creative ways to use your tiny upcycled egg carton wastebaskets.