“Upcycling Egg Cartons into Quirky Lint Brushes”

“Upcycling Egg Cartons into Quirky Lint Brushes”

Upcycling Egg Cartons into Quirky Lint Brushes


Reusing old egg cartons by turning them into fun DIY lint brushes is a crafty way to avoid throwing them out. With simple materials like googly eyes and pom poms, you can give new life to egg cartons destined for the recycling bin. Upcycling reduces waste and allows your creativity to shine.

Gather Your Materials

To make an egg carton lint brush, you will need:

  • Egg cartons – Clean empty cardboard egg cartons work best. You will need 1-2 cartons depending on the size.

  • Googly eyes – The bigger the better! Googly eyes in various sizes add personality.

  • Pom poms – Fuzzy pom poms act as the bristles for your lint brush. Choose colors to coordinate or contrast with your egg carton.

  • Glue – White craft glue or hot glue work well to adhere the pom poms and googly eyes.

  • Scissors – Scissors help trim down pom poms to fit into the egg carton openings.

Optional additions:

  • Markers – If you want to decorate your egg carton, markers add fun details.

  • Washi tape – Washi tape can jazz up the edges or cover any messy glue spots.

  • Streamers – For a playful touch, add curling streamers.

Create the Lint Brush Body

With your materials gathered, it’s time to create the lint brush itself. Follow these steps:

  1. Cut egg carton – Carefully cut the lid off the egg carton with scissors. Try to keep the bottom portion intact.

  2. Add googly eyes – Glue googly eyes onto the front and top of the egg carton to give it a face. Let dry.

  3. Trim pom poms – Use scissors to trim pom poms down so they can fit snugly into the egg cup holes.

  4. Glue in pom poms – Working cup by cup, put a dot of glue in each hole and press a pom pom down firmly.

  5. Let dry completely – Allow several hours for the glue to dry before using your lint brush.

  6. Add final embellishments – Once dry, you can add any extra decorations – washi tape, markers, streamers, etc.

And that’s it – you now have a charming upcycled lint brush ready to help remove fuzz and pet hair from your clothes and furniture!

Fun Design Ideas

The great thing about making an egg carton lint brush is you can customize it however you like. Get creative with these fun ideas:

  • Go colorful – Use a rainbow of pom pom colors for a bright, cheery look.

  • Add patterns – Draw stripes, polka dots, zig zags or swirls with markers.

  • Make a creature – Give your lint brush eyes, ears, arms and a mouth to make an animal or monster.

  • Use sparkly pom poms – For fancy flair, choose pom poms with metallic or glittery threads.

  • Play with size – Make a giant lint brush from a 12-egg carton or tiny ones from a 6-egg carton.

  • Make a lint brush bouquet – Group 3-4 small lint brushes together for a cute gift idea.

Helpful Hints and Tips

Follow these handy tips to make the lint brush crafting process easier:

  • Choose flat pom poms – Pom poms with flat, not rounded, edges glue into the egg cups better.

  • Stagger placement – When gluing in pom poms, position them slightly staggered rather than all in a straight line for fuller coverage.

  • Use strong glue – Hot glue provides the strongest bond if you plan on heavy lint brush use. White craft glue works for occasional use.

  • Let dry fully – Resist temptation to rush the drying time. This ensures pom poms stay put with vigorous brushing.

  • Store upright – Stand your lint brush upright when not in use so the pom poms maintain their shape.

  • Check pom poms – Periodically inspect the pom poms. Re-glue any that loosen over time.

Ready, Set, Brush Away Lint!

An egg carton lint brush makes quick work of removing fuzz, dust and pet hair from fabric surfaces. Simply brush back and forth across clothing, upholstery, linens and more to clean and refresh items. The pom pom bristles attract and grab onto lint and debris.

Make lint removal a fun task by creating your own whimsical, upcycled lint brushes. With a cute face and quirky style, you’ll look forward to lint brushing! It’s a crafty way to reuse egg cartons that would otherwise be tossed out.