“Upcycling Egg Cartons into Mini Cupcake Holders”

“Upcycling Egg Cartons into Mini Cupcake Holders”

Upcycling Egg Cartons into Mini Cupcake Holders

Baking cupcakes is fun, but finding ways to display and transport them can be challenging. A creative solution is to upcycle empty cardboard egg cartons into mini cupcake holders! This easy DIY project gives new life to a common kitchen item while producing an eco-friendly and cute option for handling and displaying small baked goods.

Gather Your Materials

  • Empty cardboard egg cartons
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks (or craft glue)

Prepare the Egg Cartons

Thoroughly clean and dry the egg cartons to remove any raw egg residue. Separate the top and bottom halves of the cartons. You’ll only need the top halves with the egg indents.

Cut the Egg Holders

  • Carefully cut around each individual egg holder with scissors or a craft knife. Try to cut as close to the edges as possible.
  • You should end up with 12 separate mini cardboard cups. Set these aside while you move onto the next steps.

Create the Cupcake Holders

  • Take each individual egg holder and trim off the pointed bottom portion with scissors. You want to create a flat edge instead.
  • Optionally, you can round the sharp corners for a softer look.

Attach Cards to Holders (Optional)

  • For a nicer presentation, cut pieces of decorative scrapbook paper, cardstock, or felt into squares or circles that are slightly wider than your egg holders.
  • Use hot glue or craft glue to adhere the paper pieces to the flat bottom of each egg holder.
  • Let the glue fully dry. The cupcake holders are now ready for use!

Fill With Cupcakes and Enjoy!

  • Place a mini cupcake into each holder. You can transport or display them around your party or gathering.
  • For more stability, glue 2-3 holders together side-by-side before adding cupcakes. Get creative with patterns and designs!
  • When not in use, store the egg carton cupcake holders in a box or bag for later events. They’re durable and reusable.

Upcycling materials headed for the trash into cute and crafty projects is satisfying. Breathing new life into old egg cartons transforms them from waste to handmade treasure. Making these mini cupcake holders yourself saves money and reduces environmental impact. Your guests will love these eco-friendly displays!


  • Look for natural cardboard egg cartons without shiny coatings, which can be more difficult to cut and glue.

  • For variety, collect cartons in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Just adjust the cutting measurements accordingly.

  • If desired, decorate the holders by painting, adding glitter, or adhering flowers, photos, or scrapbook paper with glue.

  • For extra stability, hot glue a flat toothpick along the bottom edge. Let dry completely before using.

  • Make jumbo cupcake holders by cutting and gluing two standard egg holders together.

  • Kids can help with sorting, cleaning, drying, and decorating the egg holders!

Upcycling and crafting are enjoyable hobbies that exercise creativity. Repurposing everyday objects into DIY projects allows us to reduce waste while making fun and unique items. These mini cupcake holders are just one example of what’s possible with a little imagination.