“Upcycling Cardboard Boxes into Ugly Yet Functional Cat Furniture”

“Upcycling Cardboard Boxes into Ugly Yet Functional Cat Furniture”

Upcycling Cardboard Boxes into Ugly Yet Functional Cat Furniture

Having cats can be expensive, especially when it comes to buying cat furniture and toys. As cat owners, we want to provide enriching environments for our feline friends, but our wallets don’t always agree. An economical solution is to upcycle cardboard boxes into cat furniture and toys. Cats love cardboard, so transforming something you probably have lying around the house into something your cat can enjoy is a win-win.

Why Cardboard Boxes Make Great Cat Furniture

Cats love tight, enclosed spaces. Cardboard boxes allow them to satisfy this natural instinct. Reasons why cats love cardboard include:

  • Instinct – Cats feel safe and secure in tight spaces. Cardboard boxes provide a cozy retreat.
  • Comfort – Cardboard is soft yet supportive. The corrugated cardboard makes a comfortable surface for lounging and scratching.
  • Play – Cats enjoy rubbing, scratching, and diving into cardboard. The light material is perfect for boisterous play.
  • Cheap – Cardboard boxes are free for the taking! Reusing cast-off boxes is cheaper than store-bought cat furniture.

So scratch that cat tree and use a cardboard box instead! As long as the box is sturdy with intact corners and edges, your cat will be thrilled.

Cardboard Box Projects for Cats

From basic beds to more elaborate creations, here are some fun and easy ways to upcycle cardboard into cat furniture:

Cat Beds

A simple cardboard box with a few modifications makes a cozy cat cubby:

  • Cut out one side of the box to create an entrance.
  • Line the bottom with a soft blanket or towel.
  • Cut down any tall sides so your cat can easily enter and exit.

For a more finished look, wrap the box in decorative paper, fabric, or contact paper. Place the bed in a favorite lounging spot and let your cat curl up inside.

Hideaway Box

Cats love enclosed spaces where they can retreat and watch the world safely from a peephole. To make one:

  • Get a large appliance box or shipping box.
  • Cut out peepholes on at least two sides of the box.
  • Cut a hole on one side just big enough for your cat to enter and exit.
  • Furnish the inside with soft bedding.

Let your shy kitty enjoy the privacy of its new cardboard hideaway.

Cat Condo

An easy DIY cat condo is made of stacked cardboard boxes:

  • Find several sturdy, uniform-sized boxes.
  • Cut entrance holes in the sides of the boxes.
  • Use strong tape to stack and secure the boxes.
  • Cover with fabric or carpet remnants if desired.

The stacked boxes make an inexpensive, modern-looking condo your cat will enjoy lounging in.

Cat Scratcher

Prevent damaged furniture by redirecting scratching to a cardboard scratcher:

  • Get a few large pieces of sturdy cardboard.
  • Lean the panels against walls or furniture at an angle.
  • Secure with tape if needed.

Cardboard scratchers satisfy cats’ instinct to scratch and are economical to replace. Try different textures like corrugated or flat cardboard.

Cat Toy Box

Store cat toys neatly in a cardboard box play center:

  • Get a shallow cardboard box.
  • Cut circular or oval holes slightly smaller than a tennis ball.
  • Drop in balls, toy mice, pom poms, and other small toys.
  • Let your cat fish around for the toys.

As an added bonus, the box contains the cat toy chaos!

Tips for Cardboard Cat Furniture

To make sure your DIY cardboard creations are functional and safe for cats, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use sturdy boxes that can support your cat’s weight. Avoid overly flimsy boxes.
  • Avoid boxes with potentially toxic materials like glossy print or laminate coatings. Plain Kraft cardboard is best.
  • Check boxes carefully for staples, tape residue, or other sharp bits that could scratch or entangle your cat.
  • Monitor play to ensure your cat does not chew and ingest the cardboard.
  • Replace toys and furniture once they become scratched up. Cats prefer pristine cardboard.
  • Consider adding soft surfaces for comfort – an old towel, fleece, or carpet scrap adds luxury.

With a few simple supplies and techniques, you can create comfortable, entertaining cardboard sanctuaries and play spaces that will delight your cat. So save your money for the fancy feasts your feline deserves and rely on boxes for purr-fect furniture. Those free cast-offs can bring your cat endless hours of amusement if you upcycle creatively.