Upcycled Tire Furniture Ideas

Upcycled Tire Furniture Ideas

Upcycling old tires into funky and eco-friendly furniture is a fantastic way to reduce waste and get creative. As tires pile up in landfills and leach toxins, repurposing them into chairs, tables, sofas and more prevents further environmental damage. Plus, the bold, circular silhouette of tires makes for eye-catching designs!

I’ve explored all sorts of clever techniques for transforming old tires into stylish, durable furniture. Here are some of my favorite upcycled tire furniture projects and tips:

Wheely Cool Chairs and Stools

Chairs and stools made from tires allow you to sink into the deep tread. They are comfortable, fun statement pieces for indoors or outdoors.

Method 1: Tire Stacking

Stacking multiple tires on top of each other makes for a quick and easy chair design.

  • First, source 4-5 clean, intact tires of the same size.
  • Stack the tires by placing one inside the next.
  • Secure the stack together using sturdy wood cut to size and bolts.
  • Add a seatback and arms made from scrap wood or plyboard.
  • Paint, stain or seal the chair and viola!

This works well for standard car tires, with a seat height of 18-24 inches. Mini tire stacks are perfect for kids.

Method 2: Tire Cutting

For a lower, more streamlined seat, you can slice tires widthwise.

  • Use a reciprocating saw to cut tires into thirds.
  • Arrange the tire slices on their sides in a stack.
  • Again, use wood sections bolted together to secure the seat.
  • Add seatback/arms as desired.

This horizontal tire stack has a seat height of just 6-12 inches. Wider tractor tires allow for even shorter seats for kids.

Method 3: Tire Welding

Another option is to weld multiple tires together:

  • Clean tires thoroughly and strip the sidewalls to expose tread.
  • Using a welding torch, weld tire treads together in a stack.
  • You can leave space between tires, or fully melt them together.
  • Allow to fully cool before using.

Welding produces a fixed, durable seat without the need for additional supports. However, it requires some welding expertise.

Tire Ottomans and Side Tables

The innate stability and shape of tires makes them perfect for upholstered ottomans. They can also be turned on their side as accent tables.

  • For ottomans, attach a plywood top to an intact tire base.
  • Use spray adhesive and staples to adhere foam and fabric over the plywood.
  • For side tables, attach a tire on its side to a sturdy wood platform base.
  • Stain, paint or decoupage the tire with scrapbook paper/maps.

These portable tire furnishings work great indoors or out on patios. They provide extra seating and surfaces while making a statement.

Durable Tire Coffee and Dining Tables

Coffee tables and dining tables crafted from tires add industrial edge to any room. They can be made from:

  • A single large tractor tire cut open and flattened.
  • Multiple tires stacked and filled with a poured concrete or wood top.
  • Tires welded into a stack and topped with glass or wood.

No matter the design, they provide sturdy, durable surfaces. The tread adds great visual texture and interest.

Pro Tip: Waterproof and seal table tops to allow for indoor use and prevent rusting.

Unique Tire Planters

Repurposed tires can also create one-of-a-kind planters:

  • Simply fill old car or tractor tires with soil and plant flowers, herbs or veggies.
  • Stacked tires joined together allow for more root space.
  • For mobility, attach casters to the bottom of planters.
  • Paint or stencil tire planters for personalized flair.

Tires naturally allow for drainage and aeration. They make for fun and functional garden beds!

Experimenting with tire furniture is an easy, eco-friendly DIY adventure. These ideas provide sustainable inspiration for upcycling all those worn out rubber rings!