“Upcycle Dog Food Cans Into Cute Plant Pots”

“Upcycle Dog Food Cans Into Cute Plant Pots”

Upcycle Dog Food Cans Into Cute Plant Pots

I absolutely love upcycling items around my home into useful things like plant pots. It’s a great way to reduce waste while adding a touch of DIY charm to your space. Dog food cans make for especially cute upcycled planters, so I want to share how easy and fun it is to transform them.

Gather Your Materials

  • Dog food cans – Save a few cleaned out cans. The larger, sturdier cans tend to work best.
  • Spray paint – Any color works! I like bright colors for a pop of fun.
  • Hot glue gun – To seal the bottom and attach any decorations.
  • Drill and drill bit – For drainage holes in the bottom of the can.
  • Decor items – Get creative with things like lace, ribbon, buttons, fake flowers, raffia, etc.

Prepare the Dog Food Cans

Before decorating, you’ll need to wash the cans thoroughly and make sure no food remnants are left inside. Once clean and dry, use the drill to make 3-5 drainage holes in the bottom of each can.

I recommend spray painting the cans in a color of your choosing at this point. This provides a nice finished look and prevents drips later on. Allow the paint to fully dry before the next steps.

Seal the Bottom of the Cans

Since the bottoms of dog food cans have sharp, uneven edges, you’ll want to seal them for safety. Simply run a bead of hot glue along the bottom rim and let it dry completely.

Make sure the seal is smooth without sharp areas. You can add extra glue if needed to fully seal the rough metal edges.

Decorate the Planters

Now comes the really fun part – decorating the upcycled dog food planters! Consider things like:

  • Gluing on lace, ribbon, or raffia for texture and interest
  • Adding buttons, beads, sea shells or other small objects
  • Attaching fake flowers or greenery
  • Stenciling on designs with paint pens
  • Tying on twine or raffia bows

Get creative and make each planter unique. Let the hot glue fully dry before inserting any plants.

Plant Succulents or Seedlings

The opening of a dog food can is the perfect size for a small succulent or seedling. Make sure there are drainage holes so excess water can escape.

Use cactus/succulent soil and plant your greenery. As the plants grow, you can transplant them into larger pots. Enjoy your handmade dog food planters!


  • Look for cans with paper labels, as these are easier to remove
  • Use spray paint meant for metal surfaces
  • Hot glue can burn skin – allow to fully cool before handling
  • Clean up any drips of paint or glue for a polished look
  • Consider decor items that are weatherproof for outdoor planters

Upcycling dog food cans into planters is an easy, eco-friendly DIY project. With just a few basic materials and your creativity, you can make planters tailored to your unique style. Get the whole family involved and make an afternoon of embellishing canned planters!