“Unexpected Uses for Popsicle Sticks”

“Unexpected Uses for Popsicle Sticks”

I absolutely love finding new uses for common household items. It’s amazing how creative you can get with a little imagination! One of my favorite items to repurpose is popsicle sticks. These handy wooden sticks have so many more applications than just holding tasty frozen treats. In this article, I’ll share my top unexpected uses for popsicle sticks and provide tips to help you make the most of these versatile wooden sticks.


Popsicle sticks can be used in a variety of crafty projects. Here are some of my favorite crafts to make with popsicle sticks:

Photo Frames

One of my favorite ways to use popsicle sticks is to make cute photo frames. This is such an easy craft that allows you to display pictures in a unique, handmade frame.

To make a popsicle stick photo frame you’ll need:

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Glue gun
  • Photos
  • Decorations (glitter, gems, stickers, etc.)

Simply arrange the popsicle sticks into a square or rectangular frame shape and use a glue gun to adhere them together. Make sure to apply glue on both sides of each joint. Once your frame is constructed, glue a photo inside and decorate the frame with glitter, gems, or anything else that fits your style!


Turn plain popsicle sticks into adorable magnets for the fridge or filing cabinet. Kids especially love making these as they can draw any design on the sticks before turning them into magnets.

To make popsicle stick magnets you’ll need:

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Marker or crayons
  • Glue
  • Small magnets
  • Decorations (glitter, sequins, etc.)

Start by drawing or coloring designs on the popsicle sticks – these can be shapes, animals, letters, or anything you choose. Next, glue a small magnet to the back of the stick. Finally, decorate with glitter, sequins, or anything to personalize your design. Display your new popsicle stick magnets proudly on the fridge or use them to hold notes and papers on a filing cabinet.


With a little paint and creativity, plain popsicle sticks can be transformed into cute figurines and characters. These make great handmade toys for kids or unique holiday decorations.

Start by sketching and cutting out shapes to form bodies, heads, limbs and any other parts you need for your character. Use a glue gun to attach the pieces. Once assembled, paint your figure with acrylic craft paint. Add details like googly eyes, pom poms, or fabric for clothes. The possibilities are endless!

Practical Uses

Beyond crafting, there are many practical ways to use popsicle sticks around the house:

Garden Markers

Use popsicle sticks to make custom garden markers that will withstand weather and wear. These are great for labeling vegetable rows, herb gardens, flower beds, and more.

Start by writing plant names on the sticks with permanent marker. Then insert the sticks in the ground next to your plants. Consider decorating your sticks by painting them, adding glitter details, or attaching ribbon. Your garden will look organized and well cared for with these handmade markers.


Popsicle sticks work perfectly as disposable stirrers for hot drinks or paint. Keep a box of sticks in the kitchen to use for stirring coffee, cocoa, or tea. The wooden sticks are also ideal for mixing small amounts of paint without ruining nice brushes.


Use popsicle sticks as spacers when gluing items or during painting projects. The sticks keep surfaces separated perfectly while the glue dries. The same goes for spacing nails on a wall or keeping wet paint layers separated.

Fun for Kids

Popsicle sticks aren’t just for crafting – they can also provide hours of fun and learning for kids! Here are a few playtime ideas:

Building Toys

Use popsicle sticks to construct all kinds of fun structures and toys. Build houses, garages, bridges, and anything you can dream up! Popsicle sticks are perfect for free-form building and imaginative play.


Cut popsicle sticks into smaller pieces to make homemade wooden puzzles. Kids will love putting the sticks back together. Make simple puzzles for younger kids and more intricate cut patterns for older kids. Paint or color code the sticks for an added challenge!


Line up popsicle sticks side by side to create stick tracks for marble runs or toy car races. Build ramps and obstacles to make your tracks more exciting. Stick tracks provide screen-free fun and learning.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding new uses for humble popsicle sticks! With just a little creativity, you can transform these wooden sticks into crafts, toys, home goods and more. So next time you finish a popsicle, hold onto those sticks and let your imagination run wild. Those little wooden sticks might just inspire your next fun project!