“Turning Plastic Bags Into Ugly Throw Pillows”

“Turning Plastic Bags Into Ugly Throw Pillows”

Turning Plastic Bags Into Ugly Throw Pillows


As I was cleaning out my closet the other day, I came across a huge pile of plastic shopping bags that I had mindlessly collected over the years. I used to always think I would reuse them someday, but most ended up sitting unused. I decided it was time to get creative and find a way to repurpose these bags before throwing them out. That’s when I had the idea to turn them into throw pillows!

Gathering Materials

The materials needed for this project are simple:

  • Plastic shopping bags – this is the main material. Try to gather bags of different colors and transparency.

  • Scissors – to cut the bags into pieces.

  • Ruler – to measure and cut straight edges.

  • Pins – to pin pieces together before sewing.

  • Needle and thread – any needle and thread will work.

  • Pillow stuffing – poly-fil stuffing, old rags, etc. Anything soft to stuff the pillow.

  • Pillow case – to cover the finished pillow. An old pillow case can be reused.

Preparing the Bags

Before starting the project, the bags need to be prepared:

  • Clean the bags – wipe down the bags to remove any dirt or crumbs.

  • Cut off logos – cut off any store logos or text on the bags.

  • Cut into pieces – cut the bags into smaller rectangles, squares or triangles. Mix up shapes and sizes.

  • Layer into color patterns – arrange the pieces into interesting color patterns and designs.

Constructing the Pillow

To construct the pillow:

  • Pin patterned pieces together – lay them out in a pillow shaped pattern and pin together.

  • Sew the pieces together – sew the pinned pieces together, leaving one side open. Use a zigzag stitch.

  • Trim edges – trim any uneven edges or loose threads.

  • Turn right side out – pull the pillow through the opening so right sides are facing out.

  • Stuff the pillow – stuff firmly with pillow stuffing.

  • Sew opening closed – hand sew the opening closed.

Adding the Pillow Cover

To complete the pillow:

  • Insert pillow into cover – use a premade pillow cover or reuse an old one.

  • Fluff into shape – fluff and arrange the pillow so the patterns and colors show through.

  • Add embellishments – optional: add puffy paint, buttons, ribbons etc to embellish the pillow.

  • Fluff and enjoy – give the pillow a final fluff and place on couch or bed to enjoy!

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips for success:

  • Use bags of varying transparency – this makes the patterns more interesting.

  • Really stuff the pillow firmly so it holds its shape.

  • Add a cording or piping inside the seams for a polished look.

  • Play around with different color combinations and patterns.

  • Put a fun spin on it by using holiday plastic bags for themed pillows.


Making pillows from plastic bags is an easy craft project that breathes new life into old bags. It’s a great way to reduce waste and make fun, unique throw pillows on a budget. With a few simple materials and some basic sewing skills, you can create pillows as wacky and ugly or as stylish and modern as you like. Turn your plastic bag trash into creative treasure!