“Turning Old Tires Into Unappealing Decor”

“Turning Old Tires Into Unappealing Decor”

Old tires can be repurposed into a variety of unique and eye-catching decor items for your home or yard. However, not all tire crafts are created equal. Some tire decor ends up looking more like an eyesore than a creative upcycle project. Here’s how to turn old tires into decor that is likely to be unappealing to most.

Choosing the Right Tires

The first step is choosing the right tires to work with. For maximum unappeal, you’ll want to select:

  • Bold Large tires like truck or tractor tires. The bigger the better for an ugly look. Stay away from smaller car tires.
  • Worn tires with fading, cracks, or bald spots. Brand new or cleanly used tires will look too nice.
  • Mismatched tires in different shapes, sizes and conditions. Mix it up for randomness.

Making a Tire Swing

A tire swing can be a fun backyard addition. But with some strategic choices, you can create one that looks downright ugly.

  • Use extra large tractor tires or a cluster of different sized tires chained together unevenly.
  • Hang the swing off-center on the tree branch using a frayed rope.
  • Let the swing hang low to the ground so it scrapes the grass when pushed.
  • For extra charm, leave dirt, cobwebs or other debris inside the tire.

This DIY tire swing will be an unappealing eyesore sure to make your yard look junky.

Crafting Tire Furniture

Old tires can be made into unique furniture like chairs, stools, ottomans and tables. Follow these tips to make tire furniture guaranteed to look terrible:

  • Mix and match tires of different sizes and conditions to craft each piece.
  • Make the tire furniture look wobbly and unstable by using uneven stacks or legs of uneven length.
  • Use cheap or broken materials like splintering wood for the non-tire parts.
  • Minimal cleaning – leave dirt, grime and cobwebs on/inside the tires.
  • Place the tire furniture on dead grass or dirt patches in your yard.

The result will be an odd, dirty-looking tire furniture set perfect for making your yard’s decor unbelievably unappealing.

Building Tire Planters

Upcycling old tires into planters is a common DIY gardening project. Follow these tips to make yours tacky:

  • Use oversized tires like tractor tires laid on their sides. Paint them a clashing, ugly color.
  • Plant prickly, spiky plants or weeds rather than flowers or herbs.
  • Place the tire planters along the front walkway or entry path to your home for maximum visibility.
  • Allow dirt and water leakage stains to build up on the side of the house behind the tire planters.


With strategic tire choices and purposefully tacky designs, you can transform old tires into wonderfully unappealing decor. Just be prepared for some judgmental looks from neighbors and visitors if you place them in your front yard! But if your goal is ugly tire decor, these projects are sure to impress.