“Turning Old CDs into Wind Chimes”

“Turning Old CDs into Wind Chimes”

I have a large collection of old CDs that I no longer listen to. Instead of throwing them away, I decided to repurpose them into a beautiful set of wind chimes to display on my porch. Making wind chimes out of old CDs is an easy craft that produces a unique recycled decoration.

Gathering Materials

The first step in making CD wind chimes is gathering the necessary materials. Here is what I needed:

  • Old CDs – I used around 15 CDs in various sizes for my wind chime. Both music CDs and AOL internet CDs work well.

  • String/fishing line – To hang the CDs, I used clear nylon fishing line. This keeps the focus on the CDs.

  • Scissors – Any pair of scissors will work for cutting the string.

  • Hole punch – A standard hole punch for putting holes in the CDs.

  • Beads, shells, other decorative items – These are optional to add visual interest between the CDs. I used wooden beads.

  • Hanging stick – This will be the top bar that you hang the wind chimes from. I cut a wooden dowel to size.

Drilling Holes in the CDs

Once I gathered all the materials, it was time to prepare the CDs.

To hang the CDs, I needed to punch holes in each one. Using the hole punch, I made holes near the inner and outer edge of each CD.

  • Position the hole about 1/2 inch from the edge, trying to space the inner and outer holes evenly around the circle.

  • Make sure to punch holes in the plastic side of the CD, not through the label.

  • I put two holes on the larger CDs and one hole in the smaller CDs I was using.

Hanging the CDs

After punching holes in all the CDs, I was ready to assemble them into wind chimes. This involved stringing the CDs and decorative items onto the fishing line in a pattern.

  • I started by tying one end of the fishing line to the hanging stick, leaving enough line to hang the wind chimes.

  • Next, I strung a CD by threading the line through its outer hole and tying a knot.

  • Then I added beads or shells, followed by another CD, and repeated this pattern until I had my desired length.

  • For hanging multiple CDs in a row, I threaded the line through the inner holes.

  • I used square knots between each CD and decorative item to keep them spaced apart.

  • At the end, I tied the remaining line to the bottom CD to complete the wind chime.

Hanging and Displaying the Wind Chimes

After assembling all the pieces, it was satisfying seeing my recycled CD wind chime come together.

To hang the chimes for display:

  • I chose a sheltered spot on my porch free from obstructions.

  • Using a hook screwed into the ceiling, I hung the wooden dowel to allow the CDs to move freely.

  • To prevent twisting, I attached a small weight to the bottom of the hanging stick.

  • For maintenance, it helps to bring the chimes indoors during extreme weather.

The old CDs clink together beautifully in the breeze to create tranquil music on my porch. Making wind chimes is a creative way to reuse old CDs that would otherwise be thrown away. The end result is a unique recycled craft that adds visual and aural interest to any space. With a little time and effort, you can make your own musical wind chimes from recycled materials.