Turn Old Socks into a Funky Wall Hanging

Turn Old Socks into a Funky Wall Hanging
Turn Old Socks into a Funky Wall Hanging

Turn Old Socks into a Funky Wall Hanging


Old socks can often end up relegated to the back of the drawer or even thrown in the trash. However, with a little creativity, those worn out socks can be given new life as a funky decorative wall hanging. Recycling old clothes into new creations is a sustainable way to decorate your home. This simple DIY project turns useless old socks into a colorful work of art.

Gather Your Supplies

To make a sock wall hanging, you will need:

  • Old socks in varying colors and patterns
  • Needle and thread or fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • A dowel rod or stick
  • Decorative embellishments like buttons, pom poms, ribbons, lace, etc. (optional)

Try to collect socks made from natural fabrics like cotton, as they will hold their shape better. The more variety in color, pattern, and texture – the better.

Prepare the Socks

Go through your sock collection and pick out ones that are worn out or missing their match. Cut off the elastic ankle band and toe seams so you have a long open tube.

If there are holes in the socks, either cut around them or incorporate them into the design. Imperfections add character!

Turn the socks inside out – you’ll be stitching on the inside so the outside looks clean.

Arrange and Attach the Socks

Decide on your sock hanging pattern. Cluster similar colors and patterns together for a coordinated look. Or go wild and mix them all up!

Align and slightly overlap the top edges of the socks. Use needle and thread to whip stitch them together, or fabric glue for a no-sew option.

Leave the bottom edges free-hanging to create franjes. The irregular fringe gives the hanging a fun, playful look.

Add Embellishments (Optional)

Customize your sock hanging by sewing or gluing decorative elements onto it. Some ideas:

  • Colorful buttons down the seam lines
  • Pom poms dangling from the bottom edges
  • Ribbons streaming down the sides
  • Lace sewn onto sock edges
  • Fabric flowers for pops of color

Let your creativity run wild! The quirkier, the better.

Attach a Hanging Rod

To hang up your sock creation, attach a wooden dowel rod or stick across the top.

Sandwich the top edge of the socks between the rod and a strip of fabric. Sew or glue the fabric in place.

Attach hanging hardware to the ends of the rod so you can mount it on a wall. Command hooks also work well for hanging without nails.

Display Your Funky Wall Hanging

Find a blank spot on your wall to showcase your new art piece. Hang it in an entryway to add character, on a child’s wall for a playful accent, or even in a bathroom for a splash of color.

Let your sock wall hanging inspire smiles and joy whenever it’s viewed. Give old socks new life and keep them out of the landfill. Plus, enjoy a one-of-a-kind addition to your home decor.


With a little imagination and effort, those old lonely socks can be crafted into a charming wall decoration. Customize the sock patterns, colors, and embellishments to match your style. Show off your creativity by giving new purpose to old socks. Turn worthless clutter into a funky work of eco-friendly art for your home.