“Tips for Crocheting Your Own Toilet Paper Covers”

“Tips for Crocheting Your Own Toilet Paper Covers”

Crocheting toilet paper covers is a fun and creative way to add a handmade touch to your bathroom decor. As someone who enjoys crocheting, I have found it is a simple project that can be customized in many ways. Here are my top tips for crocheting your own toilet paper covers.

Selecting Yarn

The first step is choosing what yarn to use. I recommend using cotton yarn as it is durable and absorbs moisture well. Here are some yarn options to consider:

  • Cotton yarn – This is the best fiber choice as it is soft, breathable and absorbent. Look for a lighter worsted weight cotton that will drape nicely over the roll.

  • Bamboo yarn – Bamboo has similar properties as cotton but tends to be more lustrous and smooth. It works well for crocheted covers.

  • Acrylic yarn – Acrylic is budget-friendly and comes in many colors. It can work but may not be as breathable. Stick to lighter weight acrylics.

I prefer to use 100% cotton yarns for the covers to maximize softness and absorption. Mercerized cottons that have a smooth sheen are nice too. When selecting a color, opt for lighter palettes that will not show dirt over time.

Choosing a Crochet Pattern

There are many creative crochet patterns out there to make covers unique! Here are some options I recommend exploring:

  • Basic cylindrical pattern – This is a simple stitched tube that slips right over the roll. Easy for beginners.

  • Roll cover with flare – Add a flared edge for visual interest. Have the flare go all the way around or just on the sides.

  • Covers with added embellishments – Think fringe, pom poms, crocheted flowers. Let your creativity shine!

  • Open weave or lace patterns – Provides a nice drape and breatheability. Great for humid climates.

  • Crocheted characters or shapes – For a cute, themed bathroom. Crochet a bunny, cat or heart shape cover.

Look at a variety of patterns to find one with the right look and skill level for you. Simple tubes or flared covers are good for beginners.

Measuring and Sizing

Be sure to measure your toilet paper roll before starting to crochet. To get an accurate measurement:

  • Remove the cardboard tube from a fresh toilet paper roll
  • Roll up the toilet paper around the empty cardboard tube
  • Measure the diameter and length
  • Add about 0.5 inches to the diameter – this will provide stretch
  • Standard lengths are 4.5-5.5 inches long

This will provide the size to make your cover. It is important it fits snugly and does not slide down. But sizing up about 0.5 inches in diameter allows it to stretch over easily.

Yarn Weight and Hook Size

Selecting the right yarn weight and corresponding crochet hook is key to getting the right drape and fit. Here are some guidelines:

  • Light or worsted weight yarn – Use a size H/5 or I/5.5 hook. This will create a nice drape.

  • Sport weight yarn – Use a size G/6 or H/5 hook for tighter stitching.

  • Chunky weight yarn – Use a size J/6 or K/6.5 for quick, loose stitching.

In general, stick to the yarn label’s recommended hook size. Swatch your pattern with different hooks to determine sizing.

Stitching Tips

When crocheting your cover, keep these tips in mind:

  • Work in continuous rounds – Join rounds with a slip stitch to avoid seaming.

  • Add shaping if needed – Decrease or increase stitches to taper the fit.

  • Weave in ends neatly – Hide yarn ends inside the cover instead of knotting.

  • Block cover when finished – This helps smooth and set the shape. Wet block cotton yarns.

  • Stitch loosely – A too-tight cover will not stretch well to fit roll.

Taking it slow and checking sizing as you go will result in a successful cover that fits nicely over your toilet paper roll.

Customizing and Embellishing

Beyond the pattern, you can make your crocheted cover unique by adding embellishments or theming it. Here are fun ideas to try:

  • Sew or glue on buttons, felt shapes, lace or ribbon
  • Add fringe or pom poms to the bottom edge
  • Embroider initials, names or designs on the cover
  • Use novelty yarns with sparkle or texture
  • Make holiday themed covers like hearts, bunnies or snowflakes

Let the cover reflect your personal style. Add a monogram or favorite colors to make it feel special. Display and change them out seasonally for a fun pop of color in your bathroom.

Crocheting toilet paper covers is an enjoyable afternoon craft. Armed with these tips, you can create covers tailored to your space. So grab your crochet hook and experiment with colors and patterns to design custom toilet paper covers. It is an easy way to showcase your handicraft skills in your home.