“The Unconventional Guide to Making Recycled Tire Furniture”

“The Unconventional Guide to Making Recycled Tire Furniture”

Have you ever thought about making your own furniture out of recycled materials? Old tires can be repurposed into amazing furniture pieces with a bit of creativity and DIY spirit. As an avid upcycler, I’ve made all kinds of unique tire furniture over the years. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share my unconventional tips and tricks for transforming used tires into functional works of art. From preparation and tools to design ideas and finishing techniques, I’ll cover everything you need to know about crafting recycled tire furniture with your own two hands. Let’s get ready to give old tires new life!

Selecting and Preparing Used Tires

The first step in any tire furniture project is gathering some used tires. Here are some tips for choosing and preparing tires for upcycling:

  • Source tires locally – Check with auto shops, tire retailers, junkyards, and neighbors. Look for tires that are in good structural condition without major damage or dry rot.

  • Choose the right size – Smaller tires work well for ottomans and chairs, while larger tires are great for sofas, tables, and beds. Measure your planned furniture dimensions and select accordingly.

  • Clean thoroughly – Make sure to remove any dirt, grime, or residual grease from the tires with soap and water. This helps them adhere to adhesives.

  • Cut or grind – You may need to cut or grind tires to make them the proper size and shape for your furniture design. Use a utility knife, jigsaw, or angle grinder to customize tires. Work outdoors and wear safety goggles.

Taking the time to carefully source and prepare used tires paves the way for a successful furniture build.

Helpful Tools and Materials

In addition to the used tires themselves, you’ll need certain tools, supplies, and materials on hand. Here are some essentials:

  • Drill – An electric drill allows you to drill holes in tires for bolting and connecting pieces.

  • Jigsaw – For cutting tires to size, a jigsaw with old blades works best.

  • Adhesives – Look for extra-strength construction adhesives made for bonding rubber.

  • Wood pieces – Recycled lumber, plywood, or oriented strand board (OSB) form the frame and structure.

  • Bolts and washers – High-grade bolts connect tires and wood securely. Use large washers to distribute stress.

  • Foam – Upholstery foam pads tires for cushioning.

  • Fabric – Upholster fabric covers foam padding for comfort and aesthetics.

Gathering the right toolbox of supplies ensures you’ll have everything needed for the project at hand. Don’t be afraid to get creative with materials either!

Design Inspiration and Possibilities

When it comes to designing tire furniture, you’re only limited by your imagination! Here are some creative ways to upcycle tires into functional furniture:

Ottomans and Poufs

  • Stacked tires cut in half make great ottomans and poufs. Affix with adhesive and bolts.

  • For stability, use plywood circles cut to size for the top and bottom.

  • Upholster over foam padding with colorful fabric for comfort and style.

Chairs and Benches

  • Arrange whole tires vertically to form a backrest. Bolt to a sturdy frame.

  • Slice large tires widthwise and bolt in rows to make bench seats.

  • Add armrests made from wood for extra comfort and support.


  • Lay whole tires horizontally and adhere plywood or boards on top. Vary tire sizes for multi-level surfaces.

  • Connect cut tire treads end-to-end into a tabletop shape. Affix to aplywood frame.

  • Use tires as a base for glass or wood tabletops for smooth and sleek surfaces.


  • Layer and secure sliced tires side-by-side to make a cushioned mattress base.

  • Bolt tires together into headboards and footboards with wood side supports.

  • Make canopy beds by using tire stacks as corner posts. Drape fabric on top.

With some creative thinking, the possibilities are endless for upcycling tires into stunning furnishings. Start sketching out plans to bring your vision to life!

Helpful Construction Tips

When taking on a tire furniture project, use these handy construction tips for success:

  • Pre-drill bolts to prevent tires from splitting or cracking when secured.

  • Reinforce with wood to add stability and make pieces easier to move.

  • Use adhesives liberally so tires bond tightly together and to frames.

  • Add waterproof lining on outdoor pieces to protect from weathering.

  • Upholster thinly to maintain tire shape and details in the design.

  • Distress and paint to give a vintage, worn look if desired.

  • Seal with polyurethane to protect finished furniture from wear and tear over time.

Following sound construction methods helps ensure your tire creations stand the test of time while retaining their unique recycled characteristics.

Finishing Touches and Maintenance

Putting the final touches on your tire furniture really makes it shine! Here are some ideas for finishing and maintaining your upcycled works of art:

  • Add throw pillows for extra comfort and to tie color schemes together.

  • Use exterior-grade paint for pops of color while retaining tire texture.

  • Coat with polyurethane to protect painted surfaces from scratches and UV damage.

  • Display indoor pieces away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.

  • Keep outdoor furniture covered or bring inside during bad weather.

  • Wipe down regularly with mild soap and water to clean dirt and debris.

  • Touch up paint as needed to cover any chips or scratches.

With the right finishing details and regular care, your amazing recycled tire furniture will stay looking great for years of stylish use.

So there you have it – everything you need to know to start crafting unique furniture from recycled tires! With this unconventional guide in hand, you can give used tires fresh purpose while adding custom charm to your space. Happy upcycling!