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The 12 Principles of Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a process to preserve and develop the planet’s ecosystems in a manner that balances the needs of present generations with those of future generations. This includes the preservation of biological diversity, ecological processes, life-support systems, social traditions and cultural heritage.

For sustainable development to be achieved, it is necessary to have clear principles at all levels of human activity. In addition, a long-term perspective is required. Currently, the world’s resources are limited and cannot meet unlimited human needs. As a result, there is a need to integrate environmental concerns into economic decisions.

To achieve sustainable development, it is essential to promote fairness and equity. These concepts include the rights of all individuals and the right of communities to participate in decision-making. It is also important to ensure that the natural capital of a nation is protected.

It is also essential to develop a positive attitude of the public toward a healthy environment. This will help encourage stewardship. Individuals should be encouraged to change habits and behaviour accordingly.

Sustainable development must be done in a democratic framework. A genuine democracy will incorporate the participation of all people. Similarly, it is important to recognize the right of ethnic groups, indigenous peoples, and first peoples to a healthy environment.

A fair society is one in which all individuals and nations are involved and equitably benefit from the economic activities of the society. There is a need to make changes in the behaviour and attitudes of all stakeholders before a real mechanism for promoting sustainable development is introduced.

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