Sustainably Upcycling Dryer Lint for Arts and Crafts

Sustainably Upcycling Dryer Lint for Arts and Crafts

Sustainably Upcycling Dryer Lint for Arts and Crafts


Dryer lint, the fuzzy buildup that accumulates in clothes dryer vents and lint traps, is often seen as a nuisance or just discarded. However, with a bit of creativity, this lint can be upcycled into a surprising array of arts, crafts, and other useful items. Upcycling dryer lint is an excellent way to give new life to what would otherwise go to waste, with the added benefit of keeping lint out of landfills. In this article, I’ll explore some ideas for how to sustainably upcycle dryer lint for arts and crafts.

Collecting and Preparing the Lint

The first step is collecting lint from the dryer’s lint trap after each load of laundry. Lint should be kept in an airtight container or bag to prevent it from getting damp or dirty. Any debris or non-lint material like tissues should be sorted out.

For craft projects, the lint needs to be separated and fluffed up. Running your hands through the lint helps pull apart any clumps. You can also put the lint into an old sock, knot it closed, and put it in the dryer on air fluff mode to further separate and condition it.

The result should be soft, fluffy lint ready for crafting. Different colors of lint can be sorted and saved separately for more possibilities.

Lint Craft Ideas

Here are some arts and crafts ideas to spark your creativity for upcycling dryer lint:

Lint Modeling Clay

Mix lint with a bit of white glue or liquid starch to create a lightweight modeling clay. Shape into sculptures, figurines, or ornaments and allow to air dry. The lint clay takes on a papier mâché-like texture when dry.

Lint Stuffed Animals

Sew a basic stuffed animal shape out of fabric, leaving an opening. Stuff with lint to create a fluffy plush toy. Kids will love these natural, eco-friendly stuffed animals.

Painting Canvas

Glue lint onto a stiff backing like cardboard or canvas to create a textured painting surface. The lint canvas is sturdy enough for acrylic or tempera paints. Get creative with lint collages by using colored lint.

Lint Paper

Lint can be turned into handmade paper. Blend lint with water in a blender or food processor. Pour the pulp onto a screen, let dry, and press flat. The lint paper is softly textured and works for stationery, greeting cards, bookbinding, and more.

Fire Starters

Mix lint with melted wax to make excellent fire starters for fireplaces or camping. Form into egg shapes for nestling in with kindling. The lint helps the wax ignite quickly.

Packaging Cushioning

Save lint to use as lightweight, natural cushioning material when packing fragile items for shipping. It’s especially useful for protecting ornaments, ceramics, or glassware.

Sustainable Impact

Upcycling lint into crafts gives a second life to what is normally waste. According to the EPA, dryer lint accounts for 2% of municipal solid waste in the U.S. – over 551,000 tons annually.

Keeping lint out of landfills has a positive environmental impact. Lint naturally biodegrades, but takes time to break down in landfill conditions. Upcycling reduces methane emissions from decomposition. It also avoids the resources used to collect and transport lint waste for disposal.

Crafting is an opportunity to reflect on consumption habits. Lint accumulates from washing and drying clothes. Making less laundry also reduces energy and water usage. Hanging clothes to air dry when possible decreases lint production.

Getting creative with lint can inspire thriftiness and a do-it-yourself, waste-not spirit. Simple changes add up when more people reuse resources sustainably.


With imagination and resourcefulness, dryer lint can be upcycled into a wide variety of arts and crafts. It takes creativity and willingness to see potential in this overlooked material. Upcycling lint gives it renewed purpose while reducing waste. As more people reuse lint for crafts, the small action gains impact. Sustainably using lint reflects care for our environment – transforming garbage into gifts.