“Reusing Old Toilet Paper Rolls for Arts and Crafts”

“Reusing Old Toilet Paper Rolls for Arts and Crafts”

Reusing Old Toilet Paper Rolls for Arts and Crafts

Toilet paper rolls are often seen as disposable items destined for the recycling bin or trash. However, these cardboard tubes can be repurposed into fun and creative arts and crafts projects. With a little imagination, you can give new life to these humble household scraps.

Why Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls?

Reusing toilet paper rolls keeps them out of landfills and reduces waste. It’s also a great way to engage in sustainability and upcycling.

Here are some key benefits of repurposing toilet paper rolls:

  • Sustainable: Repurposing reduces waste and your environmental footprint. It’s better for the planet than throwing them away.

  • Cheap: Toilet paper rolls are free. Reusing them allows you to craft on a budget.

  • Educational: Crafting with recyclables teaches children about sustainability and caring for the environment.

  • Creative: Toilet paper rolls can be transformed into nearly anything through arts and crafts. Their cardboard construction makes them very versatile.

Easy Arts and Crafts Using Toilet Paper Rolls

With a dash of creativity and a few simple materials, toilet paper rolls can be upcycled into endless arts and crafts. Here are some fun and easy projects to try:

Toy Animals

Turn toilet paper rolls into cute little animals. Paint or color the rolls to make snakes, mice, caterpillars, and more. Add googly eyes, pom poms, and other embellishments to bring them to life. Small animals made from toilet paper rolls make great toys for toddlers and preschoolers.


Make stampers by cutting toilet paper rolls into shapes like stars, hearts, or circles. Glue them onto blocks or sticks. Let kids dip the stampers into paint or ink pads and stamp patterns onto paper or cardboard.


Poke two holes in one toilet paper roll and cut a smaller roll in half. Tape the half rolls to act as binocular lenses. Let kids decorate their binoculars with markers, stickers, or paint. They can use them for imaginative play.


Cut toilet paper rolls into spiral shapes to mimic flower petals. Glue them onto a plain roll to make a flower center. Kids can paint their toilet paper roll flowers fun colors. These make nice Mother’s Day crafts.


Poke nails into a toilet paper roll and fill it with rice or beans. Seal the ends with tape and decorate the outside. Shaking it makes a rainstick sound.

Picture Frames

Cut toilet paper rolls to desired lengths and let kids decorate them with paint, sequins, stickers, etc. When dry, insert photos into the frames for customized wall art.

More Advanced Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Once you’ve conquered the basics, consider taking your toilet paper roll crafts to the next level. Some additional projects for adults and older kids include:


Interlock cut toilet paper rolls in a circle to form a wreath base. Adorn with ribbons, pine cones, artificial greenery, ornaments, and more for festive holiday or seasonal decor. Spray paint them in metallic colors first for a polished look.


String together toilet paper rolls like beads to create garlands. Paint them in coordinated colors and add dangling decorations. Use these DIY garlands to decorate for parties.


Cover empty toilet paper rolls in decorative paper, fabric, or Mod Podge and collage materials to make artsy vases. Fill with faux flowers or real blossoms. Arrange together for an eclectic centerpiece.

Pencil Holder

Adhere colorful scrapbook paper or images cut from magazines onto a toilet paper roll. Fill it with pens, pencils, makeup brushes, or craft supplies to corral items on a desk or vanity.

Tips for Repurposing Toilet Paper Rolls

Keep these tips in mind to craft successfully with toilet paper rolls:

  • Let tubes dry out completely before using for crafts to prevent mold growth.

  • Smooth rough edges by lightly sanding rolls before crafting to prevent cuts from jagged cardboard.

  • Apply primer or sealer like decoupage or mod podge if painting to help paint adhere properly.

  • Glue popsicle sticks, clothespins, or dowels into the tubes to make sticks for puppets or stampers.

  • Use scrapbook paper, washi tape, fabric, ribbon, or other materials to cover tubes and decorate crafts.

With just a bit of creativity, you can give toilet paper rolls a second life through arts and crafts. Reduce waste while making something fun with these simple upcycling projects.