“Reusing Leftover Can Labels to Decorate Your Home”

“Reusing Leftover Can Labels to Decorate Your Home”

Reusing Leftover Can Labels to Decorate Your Home


Decorating your home on a budget can be challenging, but reusing leftover can labels is an easy, fun way to add personality and art to your walls without spending much. With a little creativity, those discarded can labels can be upcycled into charming decorative accents. In this article, I’ll share some tips on collecting and preparing can labels, walk through different crafts and projects you can make with them, and provide guidance on displaying your finished can label art.

Collecting and Preparing Can Labels

The first step is gathering labels from cans and jars around your kitchen. Here are some tips:

  • Focus on labels with colorful or graphic designs – these tend to work best for projects. Plain white labels won’t make much impact.

  • Target food you use frequently – this ensures a steady supply of labels to collect over time. Soup and vegetable cans are a good option.

  • Remove labels carefully – use a can opener to cut around the rim of the can, then gently peel off the paper label in one piece.

  • Clean and dry the labels – use soap and water to remove any food residue, then let the labels air dry completely before crafting.

Once you’ve collected a good stack of labels, trim off any wrinkled or torn edges to prepare them for projects.

Can Label Craft Ideas

Here are some fun and easy ways to transform those leftover can labels into delightful home accents:

Collages and Mixed Media Art

Collaging with can labels is an enjoyable way to create colorful works of art.

  • Create abstract collages by arranging cut-out label pieces into interesting patterns and compositions on canvas or cardboard.

  • Make defined images like flowers, animals, or landscapes by carefully cutting and layering labels. Allow some overlap for depth.

  • Combine labels with other materials like magazine clippings, photos, ribbons, and more to add multimedia interest.

Stamped Jars, Cans, and More

Stamp simple designs on containers using leftover can labels.

  • Cut labels into geometric or heart shapes to make unique stamps.

  • Ink the stamps with paint or ink pads, then press firmly onto a jar, tin can, or other vessel to transfer the image.

  • Stamp multiples in different colors to form graphic patterns.

Framed Can Label Art

Display your favorite labels in mini works of art on your walls.

  • Select 2-4 labels that coordinate in a pleasing color scheme.

  • Arrange the labels nicely together in a picture frame with a matboard background.

  • Mix and match frames and matboards to find an ideal presentation.

Decorated Candles, Vases, and Boxes

Jazz up basic home accessories with hand-painted can label art.

  • Adhere labels to the surface of a plain glass vase, candle holder, or trinket box using decoupage medium or glue.

  • Once dry, seal with a clear acrylic spray to prevent lifting.

  • Accent with paint details if desired, like vines, geometric shapes, or other embellishments.

Displaying Your Can Label Creations

Here are some tips for showcasing your upcycled can label art around the home:

  • Group collages or framed label art together in a cluster on a wall for impact.

  • Arrange mixed media pieces and stamped objects on bookshelves, side tables, console tables, or mantels.

  • Mix label crafts with other decorative items like flowers, houseplants, sculptures, baskets, and vases.

  • Rotate out pieces seasonally – brighter colors for summer, earth tones in fall, reds/greens in winter, pastels in spring.

With a little ingenuity, those humble leftover can labels can become beautiful works of art and charming home accents! It’s a budget-friendly way to decorate with unique handmade pieces.