“Restoring Grandma’s Wicker Furniture With Spray Paint and Elbow Grease”

“Restoring Grandma’s Wicker Furniture With Spray Paint and Elbow Grease”

I absolutely love the wicker furniture that my grandma has passed down to me. The vintage woven style reminds me of happy childhood memories spent on her front porch. Unfortunately, after years of use, her weathered wicker chairs and table have seen better days. The once beautiful tan finish has faded to a dull gray and the fibers are brittle and worn.

I decided it was time to give grandma’s wicker a makeover! With some spray paint and determination, I was able to restore her vintage pieces to their former glory. Here’s how I gave the wicker a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint and a little elbow grease.

Assessing the Wicker and Planning the Restoration

Before diving into painting, I took some time to thoroughly assess the condition of the wicker furniture. I wanted to identify any areas that needed repairs or extra attention.

  • The fibers were brittle and prone to snapping when bent. I knew I’d need to handle the wicker gently while working on it.

  • There was peeling paint and rust on the metal frames underneath the wicker. I made note of spots to sand and prime before spray painting.

  • Weathered gray stain had built up on most surfaces and dulled the tan color. This would need to be cleaned off prior to painting.

Once I had a handle on the condition, I mapped out my restoration plan:

  1. Gently clean the wicker with soap and water
  2. Sand and prime any rusted metal Frames
  3. Thoroughly clean and remove gray stain
  4. Apply new spray paint finish

With my checklist ready, it was time to start the revival process!

Cleaning and Prepping the Wicker

I started by gently wiping down all the wicker with a mild soap and water solution using a soft cloth. This removed surface dirt and dust that would impede painting.

For the metal frames underneath, I used medium grit sandpaper to sand away any peeling paint and rust. This roughed up the surface so the new paint would properly adhere.

Once sanded, I applied metal primer to the frames. Multiple thin coats ensured full coverage. The primer sealed the metal and created a surface the spray paint could grab onto.

The most tedious part was removing the years of built up gray stain from the wicker. I found that scrubbing with an old toothbrush and baking soda paste slowly lifted the dingy stain. It took some elbow grease, but I kept scrubbing until the fibers returned to a light tan color.

The wicker was now squeaky clean and ready for its color transformation!

Spray Painting the Furniture

After thoroughly cleaning and prepping the wicker, it was finally time to apply the new paint! For this project, I chose a semi-gloss cream spray paint that reminded me of the original finish.

I laid down old sheets in my backyard and carefully placed each wicker piece on top. Working methodically with light coats, I sprayed each inch of the furniture using smooth, even strokes. The new paint instantly revived the tired wicker!

To get paint into the tight crevices, I used a small craft brush for targeted touch ups. I spent extra time painting the undersides and areas where the wicker was woven together.

It took a few coats, but the fresh semi-gloss cream paint soon covered every surface for a completely refreshed look!

Once I spray painted both chairs and the little table, I let them fully cure for 24 hours before reassembling all the pieces.

Finishing Touches

I decided to give the newly painted wicker a quick sealant top coat for extra protection. The sealant will help the paint hold up when the furniture is used outdoors.

Additionally, I picked up some new thick cushions from the thrift store for the chairs. I love how the cream and beige pattern complements the wicker’s updated look!

Now when I sit out on the porch with my morning coffee, grandma’s restored wicker furniture makes me feel nostalgic. The chairs and table are good as new while still retaining their vintage charm. A little spray paint and some elbow grease go a long way!