“Repurposing Your Old Socks Into DIY Dust Bunny Cozies”

“Repurposing Your Old Socks Into DIY Dust Bunny Cozies”

Repurposing Your Old Socks Into DIY Dust Bunny Cozies


Old socks are versatile items that can be repurposed into all sorts of useful things. One fun and cute DIY project is to make dust bunny cozies out of them!

As an avid crafter and upcycler, I love finding new uses for things that might otherwise be discarded. Making dust bunny cozies is an easy, playful way to reuse old socks and keep dust bunnies under control. In this article, I will share everything you need to know to repurpose your old socks into DIY dust bunny cozies.

Gather Materials

To make DIY dust bunny cozies, you will need:

  • Old socks – The more worn, mismatched or brightly colored the better! Ankle and knee-high socks work best.

  • Polyester fiberfill – To stuff the dust bunny bodies. You can find this at any craft store.

  • Needle and thread – Make sure the thread color matches or complements your socks.

  • Felt – For the eyes, nose, ears and whiskers. Black, pink and white work well.

  • Hot glue gun – To attach the facial features and seal the openings.

  • Scissors – For cutting the socks and felt.

Make the Dust Bunny Body

Making the actual dust bunny cozy is a quick and easy process:

  1. Take an old sock and cut off the foot portion, leaving approximately 5-6 inches remaining.

  2. Turn the cut sock inside out. Use the needle and thread to sew across the opening, leaving a 1-2 inch gap.

  3. Turn the sock right side out again, so the seam is on the inside.

  4. Stuff firmly with polyester fiberfill, using a pencil or chopstick to get it into the toe. Add stuffing until the body takes shape.

  5. Hand stitch the gap closed. Knot securely.

  6. Use hot glue to attach felt eyes, nose, ears and whiskers in a cute bunny face. Get creative with shapes and sizes!

  7. Fluff into shape and you’ve got an adorable dust bunny cozy ready for dusting!

Tips for Variety

Part of the fun of repurposing socks into dust bunny cozies is that each one can be completely unique:

  • Mix and match socks – Use different colors and patterns for a funky, eclectic look.

  • Try different facial features – Get creative with the eyes, nose, ears and whiskers. Add eyebrows, rosy cheeks or a bow tie!

  • Make a whole family – Create a daddy bunny, mama bunny, brother bunny and sister bunny.

  • Customize personalities – Go for happy, sleepy, winking, surprised or grumpy bunny faces.

  • Add accessories – Tiny sewn or glued bows, hats or scarves add to the charm.

With a little imagination, you can create all kinds of distinctive dust bunny cozies from your old sock collection.

Use Your Dust Bunny Cozies

The best part about DIY dust bunny cozies is putting them to use around the home:

  • Dusting – Simply slide your hand into the sock and use the bunny like a dust mitt. The poly-fill stuffing attracts and traps dust.

  • Decorating – Perch your dust bunny cozy on shelves, desktops or windowsills when not in use.

  • Gifting – Make unique handmade presents for loved ones. Customize to match their personality!

  • Toy for pets – Toss to dogs and cats for sock stuffing-free interactive play.

Repurposed sock dust bunnies are a playful and eco-friendly way to handle household dusting. With a bit of creativity, you can craft custom cozies for dirt-cheap.


Turning old socks into DIY dust bunny cozies is an easy, thrifty craft project with charming results. All you need is some basic sewing skills, craft supplies and an imagination. In just an hour or two, you can create a batch of whimsical sock critters ready to help wrangle dust.

So raid those sock drawers and breathe new life into those worn out socks! Making your own dust bunny cozies is satisfying and functional. Plus, you get to enjoy cute bunny faces without any real rabbit care required. I hope you’ll gather some materials and give this crafty eco-hack a try. Let me know how your homespun dust bunnies turn out!