“Repurposing Used Toilet Paper Rolls into Quaint Napkin Rings”

“Repurposing Used Toilet Paper Rolls into Quaint Napkin Rings”

Repurposing Used Toilet Paper Rolls into Quaint Napkin Rings

I’m excited to share my tips for repurposing used toilet paper rolls into cute napkin rings! As an avid crafter, I love finding new uses for common household items.

Selecting and Preparing the Rolls

The first step is gathering used toilet paper rolls. I like to let them fully dry out before repurposing them. This prevents any dampness issues.

Once dry, inspect the rolls. Choose ones that are sturdy and free of major dents or damage. I also remove any remaining bits of toilet paper still clinging to the cardboard. This gives me a clean slate to work with.

Now it’s time to measure the napkins. I lay a napkin flat and measure its width. Then, using scissors, I cut the toilet paper rolls to match that width. The napkin should fit snugly into the roll without bunching.

Decorating Techniques

Here’s where the fun begins! There are endless options for decorating and personalizing the napkin rings. Some of my favorite techniques include:


  • Acrylic craft paint allows you to coat the rolls in any color you like. I do 2-3 thin coats for good coverage.
  • For a distressed look, lightly sand the edges after painting. Apply a dark wax over top to accentuate.
  • Paint patterns or designs using stencils or freehand. Polka dots and stripes are classic.

Paper Covering

  • Cut scrapbook paper, gift wrap, or pages from old books to size. Adhere paper around the rolls with glue or double-sided tape.
  • Decoupage is fun too. Brush on glue and layer paper cutouts for a collage effect.
  • For a cleaner look, wrap solid sheets of paper around rolls and crease neatly.


  • Hot glue items like buttons, bows, or flowers onto the rolls for pretty accents.
  • Add bling with rhinestones or glitter.
  • Write names with permanent marker for personalized place settings.

Protecting the Rings

Since napkin rings handle moisture, I like to seal them to prevent stains. Here are some good options:

  • Apply a coat of decoupage medium or glue over the surface. Let fully dry.
  • Spray paint with a clear acrylic sealer.
  • Brush on a layer of polyurethane. Allow proper drying time.

And that’s it! With a little creativity, you can transform humble toilet paper rolls into beautiful napkin rings. Making them yourself allows you to match any table decor. I hope these tips inspire you to give this eco-friendly craft a try. Let me know what unique designs you come up with!