“Repurposing Used Coffee Filters into Unusual Household Items”

“Repurposing Used Coffee Filters into Unusual Household Items”

Coffee filters are a kitchen staple that most of us use every day to brew our morning cup of java. But did you know that these humble filters can be repurposed in many clever and unusual ways around the house? As an avid crafter and sustainability enthusiast, I was delighted to discover just how versatile used coffee filters can be. In this article, I’ll share 10 creative ways to reuse coffee filters to help you avoid throwing them away and get more value out of these paper products.

Cleaning Dust and Polishing Furniture

Coffee filters are lint-free and absorbent, making them perfect for dusting delicate surfaces and polishings. Here are some clever cleaning uses for repurposed coffee filters:

  • Gently wipe down furniture. Dampen a used coffee filter and run it over wood furniture to collect dust and dirt. The texture is soft enough not to scratch.
  • Clean computer and TV screens. Coffee filters are ideal for wiping down electronics like computer monitors and TV screens. They prevent streaking better than paper towels.
  • Shine stainless steel appliances. Ball up a used filter and rub it over stainless steel appliances to buff them to a streak-free shine. The paper helps remove smudges and water spots.
  • Dust ceiling fan blades. Attach a coffee filter to an old socks and slip it over each fan blade. Twist it around to grab all the dust.

For any of these cleaning uses, reuse unbleached coffee filters if possible since dyed ones may leave lint or color behind.

Making DIY Coffee Filter Envelopes

Here’s a nifty little trick: sew used coffee filters closed on three sides to create tiny envelopes. These can be used to:

  • Organize seeds for the garden. Label envelopes for each seed variety.
  • Hold party favors like candy or small toys for kids’ birthdays.
  • Make bath bomb sachets for gifts. Stitch several sachets together for a shower set.
  • Create single serve condiment packets for picnics and lunches on-the-go.

Customize your envelopes with stamps, decorative paper or stickers. The options are endless!

Crafting Homemade Food Covers

Coffee filters are breathable, making them function much like cheesecloth for covering food. Here are some ideas:

  • DIY fruit fly traps. Poke holes in a coffee filter and place it over a small bowl of apple cider vinegar to attract flies. They can enter but not escape.
  • Cover bowls of snacks like popcorn, nuts or candy to keep them fresh between servings.
  • Protect baked goods like cakes, cupcakes and pies to prevent spills or splatters in a fridge.

To upcycle a coffee filter into a food cover, simply shape the filter over the top of your container and secure underneath with a rubber band or twine.

Making Crafty Coffee Filter Flowers

Did you know used coffee filters can be folded into pretty floral shapes? It’s an easy kid-friendly craft.

To make a coffee filter flower:

  • Stack 3-5 filters and fold them in half twice into quarters.
  • Tightly twist the middle to form the flower center.
  • Carefully open and fluff the four folded filter quarters to create petals. Adjust into a flower shape.
  • Add a craft stem and leaves, or glue the flower onto craft sticks or barrettes.

Make bouquets of different sized flowers for homemade cards, gift wrap, wall art, centerpieces and more.

Basket Coffee Filter Pinwheels

Here is a fun outdoor decoration that adds a playful pop of color to your yard or patio.

Follow these steps to create a coffee filter pinwheel:

  • Use scissors to round the corners of a coffee filter into a circle.
  • Then cut slits around the edge, leaving about a 1⁄2 inch between each one.
  • Gather every other flap and staple them together in the center.
  • Attach a craft stick through the center.
  • Decorate with markers, glitter, stickers, etc.
  • Display outdoors in the breeze.

Make a rainbow array of pinwheels using filters of different colors. Stack 2-3 filters for each pinwheel so they twirl nicely.

Making Tea or Spice Bags

Used coffee filters are perfectly suited for holding loose leaf tea, herbs, spices or aromatics.

  • Cut standard filters into squares or use basket filters that are already a pouch shape.
  • Fill with your chosen tea, herbs or spices such as cinnamon sticks or whole cloves and tie closed with string or a rubber band.
  • Steep in hot water or simmer in recipes as needed to release the flavors.
  • Compost the filter bag when finished. Most are biodegradable.

Some flavorful ideas are chamomile tea bags, mulled cider spice bags and soup herb sachets. Get creative!

Coffee Filter Fire Starters

Dryer lint trapped in used coffee filters creates an easy DIY fire starter that ignites quickly.

  • Collect lint from your clothes dryer in a used filter. Leave room for the wax to soak in.
  • Melt old candle wax or crayons in the microwave until liquid.
  • Carefully pour the wax over the lint in the filter and allow it to dry completely.
  • Tie a knot to secure it or bundle several for a fire kit.

These homemade fire starters are handy when camping or keeping emergency supplies.

Making Brooms for Miniatures & Dolls

Coffee filters can double as tiny brooms for dollhouses or other miniatures. Kids will have fun making them.

  • Cut the handle from a clean craft stick, popsicle stick or thin twig.
  • Split a filter from point to center. Keep the split narrow, leaving the sides attached.
  • Slide the handle up the center and glue in place if needed.
  • Trim the bristles shorter for a broom or duster look.

You can incorporate these mini homemade brooms into all kinds of imaginative play!

DIY Dryer Sheets

Shop-bought dryer sheets contain questionable chemicals, but it’s simple to make your own reusable version with a coffee filter.

  • Cut filters into rectangles. One filter can make several dryer sheets.
  • Add a few drops of essential oil like lavender, lemon or jasmine to each sheet.
  • Place in the dryer to naturally scent and soften clothes.
  • Store leftover sheets in a container to reuse.

Not only are these homemade dryer sheets safer, they also provide a pleasant aroma on clothes.

Creating Crafty Coffee Filter Chains

Linking coffee filters together makes a great backing material for decorating kid’s rooms, creating garlands or making chains to display.

  • Cut the sides of filters into different shapes if desired. Circles and scalloped edges look nice.
  • Loop each filter through the center of the next and glue or staple them together.
  • Kids can decorate strips with markers, glitter, sequins and more before linking them.

These colorful filter chains can string across walls, door frames, mantles or railing. Use them year-round!


As you can see, with just a bit of creativity, used coffee filters can be repurposed in many fun and functional ways throughout your home. Not only does upcycling filters help reduce waste, but it saves money on cleaning supplies and craft materials. I hope these ideas inspire you to look at coffee filters as a versatile material to incorporate into your DIY projects or homemade gifts. With the right vision, you can give used filters an exciting second life.