“Repurposing Used Coffee Filters Into DIY Draft Stoppers”

“Repurposing Used Coffee Filters Into DIY Draft Stoppers”

Repurposing Used Coffee Filters Into DIY Draft Stoppers


As a coffee drinker, I inevitably end up with a surplus of used coffee filters. While they could simply be thrown away, I’ve discovered some clever ways to repurpose these humble coffee byproducts into functional and decorative DIY draft stoppers.

Gather Materials

To transform used coffee filters into draft stoppers, you’ll need:

  • Used coffee filters (both cone shaped and basket shaped work)
  • Embroidery floss, yarn, or string
  • Scissors
  • Rice, beans, lentils or sand to use as filling
  • Essential oils or potpourri (optional)

The used coffee filters act as the outer shell for the draft stoppers. Embroidery floss is used to tie and seal the draft stoppers closed. Rice, beans, lentils or sand are used to add weight and density to the draft stoppers. Essential oils or potpourri can add pleasant scents if desired.

Craft Cone Shaped Draft Stoppers

To make cone shaped draft stoppers:

  • Take a used cone shaped filter and fill it with your choice of filling – rice, beans, lentils or sand. I prefer rice for its weight. Fill the filter about halfway.

  • Once filled, gather the open sides of the filter together to loosely seal. Tie embroidery floss, yarn or string around the gathered section to secure the filling inside. Make sure to leave a loop for hanging.

  • Trim off any excess filter material if needed.

  • For great scent, add a couple drops of essential oils to the rice filling before tying closed. Lavender and eucalyptus oils work well.

The used coffee filter forms a biodegradable shell. Rice provides weight. Embroidery floss ties it closed. Essential oils add pleasant aroma.

Craft Basket Shaped Draft Stoppers

To make basket shaped draft stoppers:

  • Take 2-3 used basket shaped filters and stack them together.

  • Fill the stacked filters about 3/4 full with rice, beans, lentils or sand. Make sure to leave enough room to seal the filling inside.

  • Once filled, gather the edges together and tie embroidery floss, yarn or string around the gathered section to secure the filling inside. Again, leave a loop for hanging.

  • Trim off any excess material.

  • For delightful scents, sprinkle a few drops of essential oils over the filling before sealing.

Stacking multiple used filters provides a thicker draft stopper. Leaving room at the top allows you to cinch it closed. Trimming excess material gives it a tidy finish.

Ideal Places to Use Your Draft Stoppers

There are many great spots to utilize these recycled coffee filter draft stoppers:

  • Hang one or more along the bottom of doors to block drafts and noise.

  • Set one in front of floor vents to prevent cold air from blowing in.

  • Place one in your window sill to seal gaps around the window frame.

  • Arrange several under drafty doors inside cabinets and closets.

  • Hang a colorful one over pet doors to deter drafts.

Essentially place these handy draft stoppers anywhere cold outdoor air sneaks inside or where you want to muffle noise. They seal gaps and add warmth.

Customize Your Draft Stoppers

Part of the fun is customizing your coffee filter draft stoppers to suit your style:

  • Use colorful embroidery floss to match your home’s decor.

  • Add ribbons, buttons, beads or other embellishments for a decorative touch.

  • Mix different shapes like cones and baskets together in a coordinating color palette.

  • Print uplifting quotes or sayings on the filters with stamps or fabric markers before assembling.

With options like colorful floss, beads, and inspirational quotes, you can create draft stoppers as unique as your home.


Giving used coffee filters new life as draft stoppers is an easy, eco-friendly DIY project. Simply fill, tie, trim and hang these biodegradable draft stoppers anywhere drafts sneak in. Customize them with colors, textures, scents and designs to match your personal style. Don’t throw away those coffee filters – repurpose them to add warmth and style to your living space!