“Repurposing Scrap Plastic Bottles Into Attractive Form-Fitting Urn Covers”

“Repurposing Scrap Plastic Bottles Into Attractive Form-Fitting Urn Covers”


Recycling plastic bottles into decorative and functional items is an ingenious way to reduce waste. One such item that can be made from recycled bottles is attractive form-fitting covers for urns holding cremated remains. With some basic supplies and a little creativity, scrap plastic bottles can be repurposed into cherished memorial keepsakes.

Selecting Bottles for the Project

The first step is gathering suitable plastic bottles to repurpose. Look for bottles made of transparent PET plastic in various shapes and sizes, such as:

  • Water bottles – Tall, cylindrical bottles work well for covering tapered urn shapes. The smooth sides also take acrylic paint nicely.

  • Soda bottles – Wider bottles like soda and juice can hug the contours of rounded urns. Their labeling areas offer space for painted designs.

  • Ketchup bottles – Condiment squeeze bottles have a tubular shape to embrace narrow or cylindrical urns.

  • Milk jugs – Cutting up these thicker opaque bottles creates pieces to overlap and form full encasements.

Wash out all bottles thoroughly. Remove any labels for decorating bare plastic.

Tools and Materials Needed

To transform plastic bottles into urn covers, gather these supplies:

  • Plastic bottles – Assorted sizes and shapes, thoroughly cleaned

  • Acrylic paints – Various colors for decorating the plastic

  • Paintbrushes – Get an assortment for detail work and larger coverage

  • Spray adhesive – For gluing painted plastic pieces together

  • Scissors or craft knife – For cutting and trimming plastic

  • Pliers – Helpful for scoring and removing lids

  • Sandpaper – For smoothing cut plastic edges

  • Decorative embellishments – Buttons, ribbons, lace, etc. to customize

Making the Form-Fitting Urn Covers

With supplies gathered, follow these steps to create custom urn covers:

1. Measure the Urn

Take measurements of the urn’s height, width, and shape. Oval, cylindrical, squared, or tapered bases will each need a unique fitting cover. Note dimensions to cut plastic for proper coverage.

2. Cut Plastic Pieces

Use scissors or a craft knife to cut plastic bottles into pieces. For full enclosure, cut varying shapes – long panels for sides, circular bases, and smaller filler pieces. Sand edges smooth.

3. Design and Paint Bottles

Paint the plastic pieces with acrylics in colors and designs appropriate to memorialize loved ones. Apply coats to the inside and outside. Use stencils or tape for crisp lines and borders.

4. Arrange and Assemble

Once painted, position pieces on the urn base and decide on final layout. Use spray adhesive to affix overlapped sections, building up the covering shape.

5. Add Embellishments

Apply finishing decorative details like lace trim, buttons, or vinyl lettering with the loved one’s name and dates. Attach securely with glue. Let dry completely before placing on the urn.

Enjoying the Finished Urn Cover

With care and creativity, repurposed plastic bottles can be crafted into keepsake covers honoring deceased loved ones. The handmade urn jackets become special heirlooms for families to cherish. They also divert scrap plastics from landfills, giving bottles renewed purpose. With some basic DIY skills and recycled materials, anyone can upcycle plastics into treasured memorial tributes.