“Repurposing Old VCRs into Birdhouses”

“Repurposing Old VCRs into Birdhouses”

Repurposing Old VCRs into Birdhouses


With the rise of streaming services and digital formats, VCRs have become largely obsolete. As these old machines gather dust, creative DIYers have found a new purpose for them – converting them into charming birdhouses!

Repurposing a VCR into a birdhouse is an eco-friendly way to give new life to old technology. It also makes for a unique handmade birdhouse that will add character to any backyard or garden. In this article, I will walk you through the process of transforming a vintage VCR into a functional and decorative birdhouse.

Materials Needed

To begin this project, you will need:

  • An old VCR

  • Screwdriver and drill

  • Sandpaper

  • Spray paint or acrylic paint and brushes

  • Wood glue

  • Small piece of plywood or scrap wood

  • Roofing material like shingles or sheet metal

  • Birdhouse entrance hole saw

  • Hooks and hanging hardware

The VCR casing will act as the basic structure of the birdhouse. Be sure to choose one that is in good, intact condition with no major cracks or missing pieces.

Disassembling the VCR

The first step is to disassemble the VCR by removing all internal components:

  • Open up the VCR casing by unscrewing any screws on the back or sides.

  • Carefully remove the motherboard, wires, and any other internal parts.

  • Cut away any plastic brackets or supports that connected the components.

  • Thoroughly clean out the inside of the VCR casing.

The guts of the VCR will not be needed for this project, only the outer plastic housing. Removing everything from the insides leaves an empty shell to transform into a birdhouse.

Modifying the VCR Casing

With an empty VCR casing, it’s time to modify it into an abode suitable for birds:

  • Using a drill or hole saw bit, cut a circular entrance hole on one side. The hole should be 1.5-2 inches in diameter to accommodate small birds.

  • On the opposite side near the top, drill 1-2 drainage holes about half an inch wide.

  • Using sandpaper, file down any rough interior edges around the holes.

  • Cut a piece of plywood that fits and closes off the open back of the VCR. Glue it in place to seal the back of the birdhouse.

  • Spray paint the entire outer casing in a color of your choice. This gives it a uniform look and adds weather protection.

  • If desired, use acrylic craft paint to add decorative accents, designs, or motifs onto the birdhouse exterior.

Adding Roof and Hanging Hardware

No birdhouse is complete without a slanted roof to protect inhabitants from the rain. To add a roof:

  • Measure the top opening of the VCR housing.

  • Cut a piece of sheet metal or asphalt roofing shingles to size.

  • Using a hinge, attach the roof to the back top edge of the birdhouse.

  • Add hooks to the back for hanging or place a wooden post through the VCR’s back handles to mount it to a pole.

Installing the entrance hole on the side rather than the front, allows the roof to cover the hole and keep the interior dry.

Find the Perfect Spot to Mount

Finding a suitable location is important for attracting birds to your repurposed VCR birdhouse:

  • Choose a spot 6-10 feet above ground and clear of bushes and branches.

  • Face the entrance hole away from prevailing winds and rain.

  • Pick a location with some trees or shrubs nearby that birds can perch on.

  • Avoid areas with high traffic of pets or people.

  • If mounting multiple birdhouses, place them at least 15-20 feet apart to minimize competition.

With the right placement near natural food and water sources, your vintage VCR is sure to provide safe shelter for nesting birds!

Maintaining Your VCR Birdhouse

To keep your repurposed birdhouse clean and functional:

  • Use a diluted bleach solution to wash the interior before each nesting season. Let dry completely.

  • Check for any cracks in the casing and patch with caulk or wood filler if needed.

  • Reapply paint and water sealant if wear and weathering occurs.

  • Remove old nesting materials after baby birds have left the nest each season.

With proper maintenance, your retro birdhouse should provide many years of use!


Converting an old discarded VCR into a stylish birdhouse is a great way to repurpose e-waste creatively. With some simple modifications and decorations, these obsolete machines can have new life as a charming addition to any garden, while also giving birds a place to nest and take shelter. This eco-friendly DIY project is easy to do and results in a unique handmade birdhouse full of personality. So dig out that old VCR gathering dust and turn it into a beautiful home for our feathered friends!