“Repurposing Old Mittens into Cozy Booties”

“Repurposing Old Mittens into Cozy Booties”

Repurposing Old Mittens into Cozy Booties

I absolutely love repurposing old clothing items into new creations! It’s a great way to give new life to beloved items while also being environmentally friendly. Recently, I’ve been turning my kids’ old mittens into adorable booties, which has been such a fun project. Here’s my complete guide to repurposing mittens into cozy booties.

Selecting the Right Mittens

The first step is choosing the right mittens to repurpose. I recommend using mittens that are:

  • Made of wool or other thick materials – This will make them warm and durable for booties. Fleece and felt also work well.

  • In good condition – Look for mittens without holes or tears so they’ll hold up as booties. Stains are okay since you won’t see them.

  • Match in size – Choose two mittens of the same size for a pair of booties. Using very small or large mittens might not work as well.

I like to repurpose kids’ mittens since they’re small, cute, and often have fun designs. My daughters have so many that they’ve outgrown! Thick wool mittens work best for making sturdy, cozy booties.

Tools and Materials Needed

To transform mittens into booties, you’ll need:

  • Mittens (2 per pair of booties)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Fabric glue (optional)
  • Pompoms, buttons, or other decorations (optional)

I also like to have seam rippers, hot glue, and fabric scraps on hand. Thick thread that matches the mittens works best.

Cutting the Mittens

The first step is cutting the mittens in strategic ways to form the shape of booties. Here are the key cuts to make:

  • Cut off the mitten tip – This will become the toe of the bootie. Remove it a few inches down from the rounded end.

  • Slice from the finger opening down to the toe cut – This opens up the mitten flat. Make two parallel cuts for the bootie shape.

  • Trim excess fabric from the wrist area – Leave just enough to wrap around the ankle.

Be sure to cut both mittens identically so the booties will match! It helps to use the first mitten as a template for the second.

Sewing the Bootie Seams

Once the mittens are cut into bootie shapes, it’s time to sew them. I recommend hand-sewing with a thick thread and needle. Here are the key seams:

  • Sew the toe seam – Align the raw edges of the mitten tips and sew together. Knot securely.

  • Sew the side seams – Match up the long edges from slit to toe and sew together.

  • Sew the ankle seam – Overlap the wrist area slightly and sew into a loop.

Take it slow when sewing, especially at the ankle, to ensure a snug fit. Keep stitches tight and even for durability.

Adding Decorations (Optional)

For extra flair, you can decorate your upcycled mittens! Here are cute ways to embellish them:

  • Sew or glue on pompoms, buttons, felt shapes, lace, ribbons, etc.

  • Embroider designs with thread – I like initials or snowflakes!

  • Use fabric markers to draw designs

  • Add elastic or ruffles around the ankle

Get creative and customize them to match the recipient’s style! Just be sure any decorations are securely attached.

Finishing Touches

Once sewn and decorated, there are a few finishing touches to add:

  • Clip loose threads – Carefully trim any loose or hanging threads.

  • Reinforce seams with fabric glue inside and out – This helps prevent leaks.

  • ** Wash gently** by hand or machine – Use cold water and air dry.

Now slip on your upcycled mittens booties and enjoy the coziness! They make wonderful gifts for kids and adults alike. I hope my guide helps you repurpose old mittens into cute booties. Let me know if you have any other mitten upcycling ideas!