“Repurposing Milk Jugs into Trash Can Covers”

“Repurposing Milk Jugs into Trash Can Covers”

Repurposing Milk Jugs into Trash Can Covers


Recycling empty milk jugs by turning them into functional trash can covers is a crafty and sustainable way to give these plastic containers a second life. With a little creativity and effort, you can design unique covers to dress up ordinary trash cans around your home. This project helps reduce waste and can be tailored to suit your decor. Read on to learn all about repurposing milk jugs as DIY trash can covers.

Materials Needed

To make milk jug trash can covers, you will need:

  • Empty plastic milk jugs – Make sure to rinse them out thoroughly. The most common sizes are 1 gallon and 1/2 gallon. Collect enough jugs to cover your trash can.

  • Scissors or craft knife – For cutting and trimming the plastic jugs.

  • Hot glue gun – To adhere the milk jugs together.

  • Spray paint (optional) – For painting the covers if desired.

  • Decorative embellishments (optional) – Things like ribbons, lace, flowers etc. to decorate the covers.

  • A clean trash can – Make sure it’s free of dirt and debris. Measure the height and circumference.

Making the Covers

Follow these steps to create your milk jug trash can covers:

1. Prepare the Milk Jugs

  • Rinse out each milk jug thoroughly with soap and water. Make sure no milk residue remains inside.

  • Remove the caps and cut off the top spout/handle section of the jugs with scissors.

  • Lay the trash can on its side. Measure the height and circumference of the can.

  • Cut the bottoms off the milk jugs so they are slightly taller than the height of the trash can.

2. Arrange and Adhere the Jugs

  • Line up the cut milk jugs around the circumference of the trash can. Arrange them so they overlap slightly.

  • Apply hot glue to the overlapping edges and press the jugs together firmly.

  • Work your way around the can, gluing the vertical seams between jugs as you go.

  • Once the sides are assembled, hot glue the bottom edge of the milk jugs to the bottom of the trash can.

3. Finish the Covers

  • Let the hot glue dry completely before gently removing the cover.

  • Trim any excess plastic with scissors for a cleaner edge.

  • Optional: Spray paint the covers with your desired color/finish. Let dry.

  • Optional: Hot glue any decorative embellishments like ribbons or flowers.

  • Place the finished covers on your trash cans to complete the project!

Design Ideas and Tips

  • Stagger the seams between milk jugs for a more appealing look.

  • Mix and match differently sized jugs for visual interest.

  • Spray paint the covers in a complementary color to your room’s decor.

  • Adhere lace or colorful fabric inside the covers with hot glue.

  • Cut shapes out of the plastic jugs to create patterns and designs.

  • Attach a handle to the side for easy lifting.

  • Hot glue strong magnets to the covers for a detachable option.

Advantages of Milk Jug Trash Can Covers

Upcycling milk jugs into DIY trash can covers offers many benefits:

  • Reduces plastic waste – Gives used jugs a practical second life.

  • Inexpensive project – Milk jugs are free and easy to acquire.

  • Customizable – Covers can be decorated to match any style.

  • Durable – Withstands daily wear and tear.

  • Easy to clean – Simply wipe down with soap and water.

  • Safer than loose lids – Secured covers won’t fall off.

Final Thoughts

With simple household materials and a bit of creativity, you can transform used milk jugs into charming covers for any trash can. It’s a budget-friendly craft that’s good for the environment too. Customize the covers to match your home’s style and enjoy your handcrafted creation for years to come!