“Repurposing Leftover Caulk Into Arts and Crafts”

“Repurposing Leftover Caulk Into Arts and Crafts”

Caulk is a versatile material that has many crafty uses beyond just sealing cracks and gaps around the home. With a bit of creativity, leftover caulk can be repurposed into fun DIY projects and arts and crafts. Here’s how I have been able to give new life to extra caulk tubes.

Gathering and Preparing Leftover Caulk for Crafting

Before repurposing caulk for arts and crafts, the first step is collecting any leftover caulk you may have around the house. Caulk tubes often still have a considerable amount of product left inside when the caulk gun can no longer dispense it.

Here are some tips for gathering and preparing the leftover caulk:

  • Check utility rooms, garages, toolboxes and anywhere else unused caulk tubes may have been stashed after a project.

  • Cut off the tip of the caulk tube using scissors or a utility knife. This will allow you to squeeze out any caulk that is still inside.

  • Squeeze out all of the usable caulk onto a piece of cardboard, plastic lid or other surface. Knead it together into a ball like playdough.

  • Add color to neutral colored caulk by kneading in acrylic paint or food coloring. Mix together caulk colors to create new shades.

  • Store prepared caulk in an airtight container or bag to prevent drying out. It can be used for months after preparing.

Fun and Creative Uses for Leftover Caulk

Here are some arts and crafts projects to consider when repurposing leftover caulk:

Sculpting and Molding

The pliable, clay-like texture of caulk makes it great for sculpting and molding projects. Here are some ideas:

  • Sculpt simple art pieces like bowls, vases or figurines and allow to air dry.

  • Use cookie cutters or molds to shape caulk into decorations and accessories like jewelry pendants, buttons and beads.

  • Imprint designs and textures into the caulk by pressing objects into its surface before drying. Try shells, leaves, lace, coins, etc.

  • Make DIY fridge magnets by shaping caulk into fun designs and attaching magnets after drying.

Collaging and Assembling

Caulk can also be used to assemble and glue various materials:

  • Use small pieces of caulk like adhesive dots to attach photos, fabrics, buttons, googly eyes and more to paper or box collages.

  • Shape caulk into frames, letters or other dimensional elements for mixed media art.

  • Glue pieces of colored caulk onto cardstock to make unique background papers for cards and scrapbooks.


The thick, glossy texture of dried caulk offers some interesting painting techniques:

  • Use caulk to outline designs on canvas or wood before painting in the details with acrylics.

  • Squeeze dots and lines of colored caulk onto a painting surface and spread into unique abstract textures.

  • Paint layers of tinted caulk onto glass jars, vases or frames for a glossy marbled effect.

Miscellaneous Uses

Caulk also lends itself to these additional crafts:

  • Use white caulk and food coloring to make homemade sidewalk chalk.

  • Pour layers of colored caulk into silicone molds to make candy-like faux gemstones.

  • Mold red caulk into mini peppers, cloves of garlic or other fake food for dollhouses or displays.

  • Make bouncy caulk balls for kids by forming caulk over balloons. Allow to dry and then pop the balloon.

Tips for Working with Repurposed Caulk

Keep these tips in mind when working on crafty caulk projects:

  • Store prepared caulk in a sealed container so it does not dry out between uses. Knead a few drops of water into it to reconstitute any dried bits.

  • Prevent sticking by lightly dusting work surfaces with cornstarch. Avoid direct contact with surfaces you don’t want caulk on.

  • Allow projects to dry thoroughly between coats, layers or additions. Drying time depends on thickness but can take 24-48 hours.

  • Buff gently with fine sandpaper or steel wool to smooth any imperfections on dried caulk surfaces.

  • Seal porous materials like wood or fabric with acrylic sealer if caulk is not fully adhering.

With some careful planning and preparation, repurposing leftover caulk into arts and crafts is an eco-friendly way to unlock the creative possibilities hiding in this humble household product. Just use your imagination and you may be surprised what you can craft!