“Recycling Used Toilet Paper Rolls into Quirky Napkin Rings”

“Recycling Used Toilet Paper Rolls into Quirky Napkin Rings”

I absolutely love crafting and finding new uses for items that would otherwise be thrown away. Recently, I discovered a fun way to reuse toilet paper rolls and turn them into cute napkin rings! As an avid recycler, this project allowed me to give new life to something most people toss in the garbage without a second thought.

Why Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls?

There are a few key reasons why recycling toilet paper rolls is a great idea:

  • Reduce Waste: Toilet paper rolls are commonly made of cardboard, which takes a long time to decompose in landfills. Recycling them keeps them out of landfills and reduces waste.

  • Reuse Material: By repurposing toilet paper rolls into napkin rings or other crafts, the material is being reused instead of discarded. This eliminates the need to purchase new supplies.

  • Limit Consumption: Finding ways to reuse household items makes us more conscious consumers. It discourages over-consumption and unnecessary purchases.

  • Creativity and Fun: Turning trash into treasure fuels creativity! It’s also fun for kids and adults alike.

Gathering Materials

To begin this toilet paper roll craft project, you’ll need to collect some materials:


  • Toilet paper rolls – Save your used cardboard tubes. You’ll need 4-6 for each napkin ring. Opt for rolls without excessive glue or paper still attached.

  • Scissors – Any basic scissors will work for cutting the rolls.

  • Ruler – Use a ruler to measure and cut uniform lengths of the rolls.

  • Glue – Have craft glue, hot glue, or tape available to assemble the rings.

  • Embellishments (optional) – Ribbon, lace, paint, paper, stickers, scrapbooking supplies etc can be used to decorate.

Tools (optional)

  • Sandpaper – Lightly sanding the rolls helps roughen the surface for decorating.

  • Paint brushes – If painting the rolls, have a few paint brushes handy.

  • Hole punch – A hole punch can create spaces to thread ribbon through.

Creating Napkin Rings from Rolls

Now comes the fun part – turning those toilet paper tubes into quirky napkin rings! Follow these steps:

Step 1: Cut the Rolls

Use scissors to cut the cardboard rolls into uniform 2-3 inch segments. Cut several pieces from each roll.

Step 2: Stack and Arrange the Pieces

Take 3-5 cut pieces and stack them in varying orientations. Some vertical, some horizontal.

Step 3: Glue the Stack Together

Use craft glue or hot glue to adhere the stacked pieces together. Let fully dry before continuing.

Step 4: Repeat with Remaining Pieces

Follow steps 2-3 with the remaining cut pieces until you have 4-6 unique napkin ring bases.

Step 5: Decorate (optional)

Use paint, ribbon, lace, paper and other embellishments to decorate the napkin rings and make them your own!

Step 6: Add Ribbon or Lace

To finish, hot glue ribbon or lace around the rings to hide any rough edges. Knot or tie ribbon to create napkin holders.

And that’s it – such a simple way to create beautiful recycled toilet paper roll napkin rings for your table!

Ideas for Personalizing and Decorating

The decorating possibilities are endless when creating these toilet paper roll crafts! Here are some ideas:

  • Paint them in your wedding colors or to match your kitchen.
  • Mod Podge scrapbook paper or napkins onto the outside.
  • Wrap twine, burlap, or colorful string around the rings.
  • Attach flowers, buttons, shells or other small objects for texture.
  • Use holiday themed ribbon or trim during seasonal celebrations.
  • Decoupage maps, music sheets, pages from books or other printed papers.
  • Glitter, bead or bedazzle them for some sparkle.
  • Stencil designs onto the rings using paint or inks.

Have fun and get creative with different decor techniques to make them unique!

Tips for the Best Results

I’ve made my share of recycled TP roll crafts, so here are some helpful tips:

  • Clean rolls thoroughly – Remove all excess glue and paper remnants for best results gluing.

  • Use sturdy cardboard tubes – Toilet paper rolls work better than paper towel tubes which are thin.

  • Cut uniform lengths – This helps stacks adhere neatly and makes even rings.

  • Sand rough edges (optional) – Lightly sanding smoothes and removes branding/text which shows through paint.

  • Apply glue sparingly – Too much glue will soak into the cardboard and warp it.

  • Let glue dry fully – Rings need time to set and cure before decorating to prevent damage.

Displaying the Finished Napkin Rings

Once your toilet paper roll napkin rings are complete, you’ll want to show them off! Here are some display ideas:

  • Place one at each place setting on your dining table, party table or buffet.
  • Hang them on napkin hooks along the edges of a table or bar.
  • Line them up nicely on a tiered tray, cake stand or decorative platter.
  • Put them in a glass bowl, vase or other container at the center of the table.
  • Arrange them on a bookcase, hutch or kitchen shelf when not in use.
  • Give them as gifts to family or friends – maybe paired with cloth napkins.

However you choose to display these handmade, earth-friendly napkin rings, they are sure to draw admiration and interest from your guests. Enjoy putting your creativity and recycled materials to use with this simple yet fun project!