“Recycling Used Toilet Paper Rolls into Arts and Crafts”

“Recycling Used Toilet Paper Rolls into Arts and Crafts”


Recycling household items into arts and crafts is a fun and creative way to give new life to materials that would otherwise be thrown out. Toilet paper rolls are one of the easiest materials to repurpose into arts and crafts. With a little imagination and creativity, toilet paper rolls can be transformed into beautiful decorative pieces, toys, organizers and more.

In this article, I will provide an in-depth guide on recycling toilet paper rolls including:

Why Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls

  • Environmental benefits of reusing vs throwing out
  • Creativity -Transforms trash into treasure
  • Save money on craft supplies
  • Educational for kids – teaches recycling

Collecting and Preparing Rolls

  • Tips for collecting large quantities
  • Cleaning and drying rolls
  • Cutting or altering shape
  • Decorating – paint, paper, glue, glitter etc

Arts and Crafts Project Ideas

  • Animals – mice, snakes, caterpillars, butterflies
  • Flowers – roses, daisies, sunflowers
  • People – dolls, snowmen, Santas
  • Vehicles – cars, planes, rockets
  • Home decor – bowls, vases, organizers
  • Seasonal – Christmas, Halloween, Easter
  • Jewelry – bracelets, necklaces, rings

Why Recycle Toilet Paper Rolls

Recycling toilet paper rolls into crafts offers many benefits beyond just finding a use for a common household item. Here are some of the top reasons to save toilet paper rolls for crafting.

Environmental Benefits

Reusing toilet paper rolls keeps them out of landfills and reduces waste. Americans use over 50 pounds of tissue products per person each year, resulting in massive amounts of waste from toilet paper tubes alone. Recycling and reusing these simple cardboard tubes makes an impact through reducing raw materials needed for production of new items.

Fosters Creativity

Toilet paper rolls are a flexible crafting material that can transform into almost anything with just a bit of imagination. The simple cylindrical shape lends itself to becoming animals, flowers, decorations, jewelry and more. Crafting with recycled materials pushes creative thinking as you repurpose an everyday object into something new.

Saves Money on Craft Supplies

Recycling toilet paper rolls provides a free or low cost crafting material. Simple materials like cardboard, paper, glue, paint and string combined with toilet paper rolls can create hours of crafting fun at little to no cost. Even just the rolls and some decorative touches like glitter, pom poms or googly eyes can make cute crafts.

Educational Lesson About Recycling

Crafting with toilet paper rolls provides an engaging way to teach children about recycling. Allowing kids to turn trash into crafts transforms an everyday household item into a fun activity. Children can learn about reusing materials as an alternative to just throwing things away.

Collecting and Preparing Rolls

The first step for recycling toilet paper rolls into crafts is gathering a collection of rolls and preparing them for crafting. Here are some useful tips for amassing and getting your rolls craft ready:

Tips for Collecting Large Quantities

  • Ask family members to save their rolls
  • Set up a collection box in bathroom or other room
  • Check with hotels or stores for large quantities
  • Buy toilet paper with cardboard rolls, not plastic
  • Save rolls whenever you have an oversupply

Cleaning and Drying the Rolls

  • Unroll any leftover toilet paper
  • Rinse to remove residue and let air dry
  • Flatten the rolls to help them dry faster
  • Cut in half for shorter rolls if desired

Cutting Rolls for Specific Projects

  • Leave whole for round shapes like bracelets
  • Cut in half for shorter animals or beads
  • Slice into rings to make wreaths or flowers
  • Cut spiral shapes out for rainbows, snakes, etc.

Decorating and Embellishing the Rolls

  • Paint rolls with acrylic or tempera paint
  • Wrap yarn, string or ribbon around
  • Glue on pom poms, googly eyes, sequins
  • Decoupage with cut paper shapes or images
  • Color with markers, crayons or washi tape

Arts and Crafts Project Ideas

Toilet paper rolls can be crafted into a wide variety of fun arts and craft projects. Here are some creative ideas to get you started:


Turn toilet paper rolls into cute critters like:

  • Mice – Use pink paint and yarn for ears and tail
  • Snakes – Cut a spiral and decorate with markers
  • Caterpillars – Glue rolls together into segments
  • Butterflies – Fold a cut toilet paper roll in half


Craft beautiful blooms such as:

  • Roses – Layer pink painted rolls for petals
  • Daisies – Collage white paper circles onto rolls
  • Sunflowers – Cut yellow petals out of paper or felt
  • Bouquets – Glue bunches of finger painted rolls


Make toilet paper roll people and creatures:

  • Snowmen – Stack rounded rolls with hats
  • Santas – Use red hat and white beard
  • Dolls – Draw faces and clothes onto rolls
  • Elves – Add felt hats and pointy ears


Assemble toilet paper roll vehicles such as:

  • Cars – Cut rolls lengthwise and add wheels
  • Planes – Fold and glue flaps for wings and tails
  • Rockets – Craft cones for nosecones
  • Robots – Layer boxes and tubes

Home Decor

Fashion decorative household items like:

  • Bowls – Wrap yarn around rolls
  • Vases of flowers – Decorate cut toilet paper rolls
  • Organizers – Stack rolls on a dowel for storage
  • Ornaments – Glue on bells, beads and glitter

Seasonal Crafts

Make holiday and seasonal items including:

  • Christmas Trees – Stack green painted rolls
  • Easter Baskets – Weave colored rolls together
  • Halloween Lanterns – Cut jack-o-lantern faces
  • Valentine Heart Wreaths – Layer pink and red rolls


Create wearable toilet paper roll jewelry:

  • Bracelets – Paint rolls and glue ends together
  • Necklaces – String rolls and beads on cord
  • Rings – Wrap strips of paper around fingers
  • Gemstones – Cover rolls in foil and glue on findings

The possibilities are endless when crafting with toilet paper rolls! Let your imagination run wild to transform these common household items into fun arts and crafts projects.