“Overgrown Trees Are Taking Over My Yard”

“Overgrown Trees Are Taking Over My Yard”

Overgrown Trees Are Taking Over My Yard

The Problem

The trees in my backyard have become massively overgrown. When my partner and I first moved into this house 5 years ago, the trees were a reasonable size and provided nice shade. However, in the past few years they have grown out of control.

The main issues are:

  • The trees now block most of the sunlight from reaching my yard and house. My partner and I can’t even enjoy sitting out back anymore since it’s so dark and gloomy.
  • The overgrown branches hang dangerously low over our house and deck. I’m worried they could break off and cause damage during storms.
  • The trees have grown so large that their roots are pushing up the patio stones and cracking our basement walls. Their roots are invasive and cause damage.
  • Fallen leaves and debris from the trees make a huge mess multiple times per year as we try to clean them up. The trees create way more debris than we can handle.
  • Some of the larger trees look unstable and at risk of falling during heavy winds. This poses a safety risk to our home.

Overall, the uncontrolled growth has made our yard feel dark, cluttered, and frankly scary instead of being an enjoyable outdoor space. The overgrown trees have become a burden rather than an asset.

Attempts So Far

I’ve tried a few things to fix the overgrown tree problem, without much success:

  • Regular pruning and trimming of branches to reduce the crowding. However, the trees grow back so quickly that this is just a temporary fix.
  • Cutting back troublesome roots that were cracking the patio and walls. This provided minor relief but the roots just grow back.
  • Raking and disposing of excess leaves/debris. This is extremely labor intensive and never ends – the trees constantly drop more.
  • Consulting a tree care professional for advice. Their suggestions were impractical or too expensive.
  • Researching ways to slow down or stunt tree growth, but they seemed either ineffective or potentially damaging long-term.

While these efforts provide some minor, short-term relief, none are lasting solutions. The trees inevitably continue expanding out of control within a few months. It’s an endless battle.

Options Going Forward

I’m at the point where more drastic measures are needed to reclaim my backyard from these invasive trees. Here are the main options I’m considering:

Remove Certain Problem Trees Entirely

  • Cutting down some of the largest, most problematic trees would provide instant relief by opening up space and sunlight.
  • However, removal is expensive – $300-500 per tree based on what I’ve researched. Plus there’s the hassle of hauling away all the wood and debris.
  • I’d need to consider which specific trees to remove strategically. I still want to keep some nice trees, just scaled back.

Aggressive Pruning and Trimming

  • If I hire a professional tree pruning service, they could likely cut the trees back substantially in a way I can’t do myself.
  • This would help reduce the overall crowding and let in more sun.
  • However, the trees would grow back to their overgrown state within a couple years, so it’s an ongoing cost.

Apply Growth Inhibitor Chemicals

  • Special tree growth inhibitor products can be sprayed or injected to slow down growth rates.
  • This seems less destructive than removing trees, but it would need to be reapplied regularly to have lasting effects.
  • I’m unsure if these products are safe for the health of my trees or environment long-term. More research is needed.

Convert Part of the Yard to a New Landscape

  • If I remove a few trees and re-landscape that part of the yard, I could create a nice sunny spot for a garden patio or other use.
  • This gives me more flexibility while still keeping some original trees.
  • However, I’d need to commit to the new landscaping and costs involved.

Key Takeaways

  • My overgrown, invasive trees have made my yard unpleasant and created risks of damage. Drastic action is required.
  • Complete tree removal provides the most definitive solution, but is costly. I may remove just 1-2 of the worst offenders.
  • Ongoing aggressive pruning could help, but requires a professional and continual upkeep.
  • Applying growth inhibitors seems less damaging than removal, but effectiveness and risks are uncertain.
  • Converting part of my yard to a new landscape is appealing for creating usable space.
  • Further analysis and planning are still needed to find the right balance of tree management strategies customized to my specific needs and budget. This will be an ongoing process.

The first step is to thoroughly evaluate each tree and section of my yard to create a tailored action plan. With some deliberate effort and experimentation, I can reclaim my backyard oasis. The overgrown trees will no longer stand in my way.