“Obscure Ways to Repurpose Old Tennis Balls”

“Obscure Ways to Repurpose Old Tennis Balls”

If you’re an avid tennis player like me, you probably go through a lot of tennis balls. But when those fuzzy green spheres have lost their bounce, don’t be so quick to throw them out! There are actually some pretty clever and unexpected ways you can repurpose old tennis balls around your home.

Making DIY Pet Toys

One of the most popular ways to reuse old tennis balls is to make toys for your furry friends. Dogs especially love to play with tennis balls, so putting those dead ones to use can make your pup very happy.

Here are some simple tennis ball DIY dog toy ideas to try:

  • Tennis ball tug toy – Cut a small slit in two tennis balls and thread some rope through the slits. Knot the ends to create a strong tug-of-war toy.

  • Tennis ball fetch toys – Fill old tennis balls with leftover scraps of fabric or cotton to create fun, light fetch toys. You can add jingle bells inside too!

  • Tennis ball treat dispenser – Cut an X shape into a tennis ball and stuff the openings with small training treats. As your dog plays with the ball, treats will fall out.

Cats can also have a blast batting around an old tennis ball. Try putting catnip inside a few to drive your feline wild!

Protecting Furniture Legs

Got some furniture scratches from your pets? Bouncing tennis balls to the rescue!

Simply cut an X shape into the ball and stretch it over the bottom of chair and table legs. The soft fuzzy balls will protect your floors from scuffs and scratches.

You can spray paint them first too to match your decor. I’ve even glued on faux gems for some glam!

Creating Non-Slip Jar Openers

Struggling to open a stubborn lid on a jar? Turn to your trusty tennis balls for some extra grip.

Place an old tennis ball under the jar and try twisting the lid again. The soft, grippy surface helps give you the traction needed to finally pop that lid off.

You can also cut a circle into the ball to create a makeshift jar opener coaster you can place on your countertop.

Practicing Sports Skills

Don’t let flat tennis balls go to waste when they can still help you practice your swing or throw!

  • Use them as baseball substitutes when practicing your batting skills. The size and weight is very similar.

  • Toss them as a stand-in for lacrosse balls or racketballs when working on your aim.

  • Hang them from strings to create inexpensive punching bags for boxing practice.

The familiar fuzzy surface gives a satisfying feel when making contact. Plus you won’t have to chase down errant balls down the block!

Creating Massage Rollers

With their lightweight, pliable nature, old tennis balls can double as massage therapy tools.

Try taping two tennis balls together and rolling them under your feet to relieve sore arches. You can also roll over tight shoulders and legs. The vibration and pressure is great for releasing tension!

For a deeper massage, freeze tennis balls overnight and then roll over knotted muscles. The icy cold paired with compression really works out aches.

Improving Posture

Similarly, old tennis balls can help improve your posture when placed strategically around common problem spots.

Sit on a tennis ball to encourage better spine alignment. Place one under each thigh behind your knees to fix slouching. Or put a ball between your shoulder blades against a wall to open up your chest.

You can also tape balls to the backs of chairs as lumbar support to sit up straighter.

Making Drinks Chill Faster

Don’t wait for your beer or soda to get cold when you can use tennis balls to speed up the process!

Simply throw a few into a cooler of drinks for quicker chilling. The solid balls help transfer cold temperatures faster than just air.

You can also wet the tennis balls and freeze them beforehand to transform them into ice balls to toss in!

Creating Non-Slip Hangers

Add some traction to slippery plastic and metal hangers with reused tennis ball grips.

Slice an X shape into a ball and stretch over the hook ends of your hangers. This prevents clothes from sliding off onto the floor.

The colorful tennis balls also help you quickly ID which hangers are yours when sharing a closet or laundry room.

Cushioning Delicate Items

The soft, yielding fabric of a fuzzy tennis ball can cushion fragile items in storage or transit.

  • Place balls under the corners of a large framed mirror when moving to prevent cracks.

  • Wrap your fine china plates individually in tennis balls as you pack them into boxes.

  • Set a tennis ball under the base of your potted plants inside car trunks to absorb bumps.

The compressible balls absorb shock that could otherwise damage your delicate belongings.

As you can see, there are so many ingenious ways to breathe new life into dead tennis balls besides the trash can! With a little creativity, these tossed aside sports items can solve household problems, assist in skills training, and even provide therapeutic relief long after their bouncy days are over. I can’t wait to finally put my own stockpile of flat tennis balls to use around the home thanks to these clever repurposing ideas.