“Making Quirky Pencil Holders From Used Toilet Paper Rolls”

“Making Quirky Pencil Holders From Used Toilet Paper Rolls”

Reusing toilet paper rolls to make quirky pencil holders is an easy, fun DIY craft that gives new life to what would otherwise be waste. With a little creativity, these humble cardboard tubes can be transformed into adorable organizers to hold pens, pencils, makeup brushes, craft supplies and more.

Gathering Materials

The primary material needed for this eco-friendly craft is obvious – used toilet paper rolls! I save rolls from home, or collect unwanted tubes from family, friends, schools or offices to amass a decent stash.

Other handy supplies include:

  • Acrylic paints – Great for painting the rolls bright colors or fun patterns. I prefer acrylic over other types of paint since it adheres best to cardboard.

  • Hot glue gun – Essential for gluing various elements like googly eyes, pom poms, buttons, felt, etc. Hot glue sets and dries quickly.

  • Scissors & craft knife – Useful for cutting rolls to size and slots for pens/brushes. I use scissors for basic cuts and a craft knife for more detailed slicing.

  • Embellishments – Decorative items like googly eyes, pom poms, feathers, buttons, glitter, sequins and scrap fabric take the holders from plain to playful!

Fun Design Ideas

Let creativity run wild when dreaming up quirky pencil holder designs! Here are some fun and simple ideas to try:

Animal Holders

Turn rolls into adorable critters like owls, cats, mice or giraffes using basic paint and simple embellishments for eyes, ears, noses, whiskers etc. These make a lovely desk accessory for kids or adults.

Example of an owl holder

Geometric and Patterned Holders

Make modern, graphic holders by painting rolls in bold, geometric patterns or graphics. Use painter’s tape to create clean stripes, chevrons or block patterns. Or paint freehand zig-zags, dots, scenes and more.

Chevron patterned holder

Character Holders

For a playful, whimsical look, transform rolls into fun characters like robots, ** unicorns, aliens** or anything imaginable! Details like eyes, mouths and costumes give personality.

Holder with an alien character

The options are endless when making quirky, DIY pencil holders from toilet paper rolls! Let creativity run wild.

Construction Tips

Follow these handy tips when constructing toilet paper roll pencil holders:

  • Cut rolls to desired size using scissors or a craft knife. Longer rolls work well for brushes; shorter for pens/pencils.

  • Paint rolls using acrylic craft paint and let dry fully before embellishing. Prime first for best adhesion.

  • Add interest with fun embellishments like pom poms, googly eyes and sequins using hot glue.

  • Cut horizontal slits across the roll using a craft knife to insert writing utensils. Space slits evenly.

  • Add texture and dimension by wrapping rolls with twine, burlap, lace or other materials using hot glue.

  • Apply a clear sealer like decoupage medium over painted designs to seal and protect the artwork.

With these tips, it’s easy to craft unique pencil holders kids and adults will love using. Get creative with the theme and decorations!

Displaying the Holders

Once constructed, display these eco-pencil holders around home or office for handy organization and whimsical style:

  • Set out on a desk, dresser or office supply station to corral pens, pencils, makeup brushes etc.

  • Mount on the wall with strong adhesive. Attach holders to wooden boards or drill small holes to hang on screws.

  • Fill holders with writing utensils and place in jars or planters for a pretty arrangement.

  • Group collections of holders together for an eye-catching display. Mix up colors and patterns for visual interest.

I like to make sets of quirky holders for different rooms and purposes. Display groups in the home office, kids’ rooms, craft nooks or classrooms. These reusable organizers add handmade charm wherever used.

Upcycling toilet paper rolls into pencil holders is an enjoyable DIY craft that reduces waste and showcases creativity. With simple materials and techniques, I can make playful, practical holders customized for any space or purpose. I hope these instructions inspire others to turn trash into handmade treasures too!