“Making Paper Mache Lamps from Toilet Paper Rolls”

“Making Paper Mache Lamps from Toilet Paper Rolls”

Making Paper Mache Lamps from Toilet Paper Rolls

Crafting lamps out of toilet paper rolls is an easy, fun way to recycle and give new life to an everyday household item. With just a few simple materials, you can make a one-of-a-kind lamp to decorate any room.

Gathering Materials

To make paper mache lamps, you will need:

  • Toilet paper rolls – the cardboard tubes left over after using up a roll of toilet paper. Save up a bunch of these. The more you have, the bigger you can make your lamp.

  • Flour – to create the paper mache paste. All purpose flour works best.

  • Water – to mix with the flour to create the mache paste.

  • Acrylic paints – to paint the finished lamp shade. Craft acrylics in various colors work perfectly.

  • Paintbrushes – for applying the acrylic paint.

  • Scissors – for cutting and shaping the toilet paper rolls.

  • Hot glue gun – to assemble and glue the rolls together.

  • Lamp kit – includes lamp cord, light socket, and lamp harp to mount the shade. Available at craft stores.

Constructing the Lamp Shade

With your materials gathered, you can now start constructing the lamp shade:

  1. Cut the toilet paper rolls to your desired lengths with scissors. Cut some into rings as well to stack together.

  2. Mix up a bowl of paper mache paste using equal parts flour and water. The consistency should be like a smooth glue.

  3. Brush the paste onto the rolls and start assembling them by stacking and layering the pieces. Glue them together with hot glue as you build. This is the base structure for your lamp shade.

  4. Apply 2-3 layers of the paper mache paste all over the lamp shade to cover it completely. Allow the layers to dry completely before adding the next.

  5. Shape as desired – round, square, oval. Paper mache dries hard so the structure will hold its shape as it dries.

  6. Sand lightly when completely dry. This smoothes out the surface for painting.

Painting and Finishing Touches

Once your paper mache lamp shade is constructed, dried, and sanded, follow these final steps:

  • Paint with acrylic craft paints in your desired colors and patterns. Allow paint to dry fully between coats.

  • Add accents if desired – washi tape, lace, beads, sequins, buttons. Get creative!

  • Attach the lampshade to the lamp kit components – this includes the light socket, lamp cord, and harp to mount the shade to the base.

  • Display proudly and enjoy your beautiful recycled paper mache lamp!

The whole process takes a few days from start to finish, but paper mache dries surprisingly hard and makes a sturdy, lightweight shade. Let your imagination run wild with shapes, colors, and decorations – no two toilet paper roll lamps will be exactly alike! It’s a fun and fulfilling craft that breathes new life into a common household item.