“Make Your Own Papier Mache Dog From Recycled Materials”

“Make Your Own Papier Mache Dog From Recycled Materials”

Make Your Own Papier Mache Dog From Recycled Materials


Making a papier mache dog from recycled materials is a fun and easy craft project that anyone can do. Papier mache involves using paper and glue to create shapes. For this project, I will be using recycled materials like cardboard, newspaper, flour, and water to make the papier mache. This allows me to give new life to items I already have rather than buying new supplies. Crafting a papier mache dog is a great way to express my creativity and make something unique for my home or as a gift.

Gather Your Materials

The first step is collecting the materials I’ll need. Here is what I’ll need to make my papier mache dog:

  • Cardboard – The base structure of the dog will be made from cardboard. I can use an old box or shipping materials.

  • Newspaper – Old newspapers are perfect for papier mache. I’ll tear them into strips to create the papier mache paste mixture.

  • Flour – I’ll use flour mixed with water to make an adhesive paste for the papier mache. All-purpose flour works best.

  • Water – I’ll mix the flour with water to create the papier mache paste.

  • Balloon – I’ll use a round balloon to create the basic head shape for the dog.

  • PaintAcrylic paints work well for adding color and details. I’ll need white, black, brown, and other colors.

  • Glue – A glue like Mod Podge helps seal and protect the papier mache.

  • Googly eyes – Googly eyes help give my dog some personality! I can find them in any craft store.

Form the Body

The first step is forming the basic body structure from cardboard. Here is how I form the body:

  • Cut cardboard pieces for the head, body, legs, ears, and tail.

  • Glue or tape them together into a dog shape.

  • Bend the legs to create a sitting position. This makes the dog easy to balance.

  • Inflate a balloon and attach it with tape for the head shape.

  • Ensure the body is sturdy as this will support the papier mache.

Add Papier Mache Features

Next, I’ll build up the shapes with papier mache:

  • Tear newspaper strips about 1 inch wide.

  • Mix equal parts flour and water to create the papier mache paste.

  • Dip the strips into the paste mixture.

  • Apply the strips over the cardboard body parts. Apply 2-3 layers for strength and shape.

  • Let the layers dry completely between applications, usually overnight.

  • Papier mache over the balloon to form the dog’s head shape.

  • Add ears, tail, muzzle, and other details by papier maching over additional cardboard shapes.

Finish With Paint and Details

Once the papier mache has dried fully, my dog starts to take shape! Now I can add the finishing touches:

  • Pop the balloon and remove it through the bottom of the head.

  • Fill any holes with small pieces of papier mache and paste. Let dry.

  • Paint the dog using acrylic paints in appropriate colors. Do 2-3 coats for coverage.

  • Glue on googly eyes once the paint is dry.

  • Use a black marker to add details like eyebrows or nose.

  • Apply a sealer like Mod Podge over the entire dog to add shine and protection.

  • Optional: Add a collar made from recycled fabric or paper.

And that’s it – my very own recycled papier mache dog! This fun craft is easy to customize by changing colors, shapes, and details. I can make dogs of all sizes and breeds. Displaying my handmade dogs around my home adds a unique handcrafted touch. Papier mache allows me to reuse materials in a creative way.