“Make Paperclips Into Earrings With This Easy Hack”

“Make Paperclips Into Earrings With This Easy Hack”

Make Paperclips Into Earrings With This Easy Hack

Turning simple paperclips into fashionable earrings is an easy and inexpensive DIY project. With just a few basic materials, you can make customized earrings to match any outfit.

Gather Your Materials

  • Paperclips in various sizes and colors
  • Pliers to bend the paperclips
  • Earring hooks
  • Jump rings to attach the paperclip to the earring hook
  • Decorations like beads, charms, ribbons (optional)

I like to raid my office supply drawer for paperclips in different shapes, sizes, and metals. Standard gem clips work well, but decorative paperclips make the earrings more unique. Collect an assortment so you have options when designing your earrings.

Shape the Paperclip

The first step is to use the pliers to bend the paperclip into the shape you want for the earring. There are lots of options here:

  • Simple loop – Just bend the end of the paperclip into a loop
  • Geometric shapes – Bend into triangles, squares, etc.
  • Letters – Spell out initials or words
  • Flowers – Twist into flower or starburst shapes

Play around with shaping the paperclip to see what works. The standard gem clip shape also works well for simple stud earrings.

Tip: Use two pairs of pliers to get sharper bends and avoid scratching the metal.

Attach Earring Backs

Once you’ve shaped the paperclip, use a jump ring to attach an earring back. Jump rings are simple round rings with a break in them, allowing you to connect two ends.

  1. Hold the jump ring with two sets of pliers, one on either side of the break.
  2. Twist in opposite directions to open the ring.
  3. Slip one end of the jump ring through the paperclip shape and the other end through the earring back.
  4. Twist the pliers again to close the jump ring back up.

The jump ring connects the back to the paperclip so you can wear it as an earring.

Embellish with Decorations (Optional)

To jazz up your paperclip earrings, you can add decorative touches like:

  • Beads – String beads onto the paperclip before shaping.
  • Charms – Use a jump ring to attach charms to the bottom of the earring.
  • Ribbons – Tie ribbons around larger paperclip shapes.

Decorations let you customize the earrings and make them more colorful and stylish. Go as simple or elaborate as you like.

Style Your Paperclip Earrings

The fun thing about DIY paperclip earrings is you can create tons of different stylish looks:

  • Make initial or name earrings by shaping the paperclips into letters.
  • Try two-tone earrings with paperclips in different metals.
  • Shape large paperclips into hoop earrings or chandelier earrings.
  • Use decorative paperclips like hearts for cute themed earrings.
  • Make earjackets with a stud connected to a dangling shape.

Mix and match paperclips, shapes, and decorations. With just some simple pliers work, you can create endless customized earring designs to match any outfit or personality.

So put those spare paperclips to stylish use! Making your own earrings is an easy DIY fashion hack.