“Make A Rustic Stool From Scrap Wood and Old Tires”

“Make A Rustic Stool From Scrap Wood and Old Tires”

Make A Rustic Stool From Scrap Wood and Old Tires

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at some DIY woodworking projects, and making a rustic stool from scrap wood and old tires sounded like the perfect weekend challenge. Here’s how I went about creating this unique piece of furniture on a budget by repurposing and upcycling materials.

Gathering the Materials

The first step was gathering up the components I’d need for the project.

Finding Scrap Wood

I scoured my workshop and the backyard for scrap wood pieces that could be repurposed. I specifically looked for wood that had nice texture, varying widths, and at least 1″ thickness so it would be sturdy. I ended up finding:

  • A weathered plank from an old shipping crate that was about 2″ thick – perfect for the seat of the stool.
  • A few strips of tongue-and-groove floorboards with great aged character for the legs.
  • Some long trim boards with grooves that I thought would look neat as decorative accents.

Sourcing Old Tires

For the tires, I checked local auto shops and garages to see if they had any used/scrap tires they were looking to get rid of. I picked out two worn but intact tractor tires that weren’t too heavy. The key was finding tires small enough to work but thick and sturdy enough for a stool.

Tools and Hardware

Along with the main components, I made sure I had the necessary tools and hardware:

  • Power drill with driver bits
  • Saw (a circular saw would work, I used a handsaw)
  • Sandpaper – multiple grits to sand the wood
  • Wood glue and wood screws for assembly
  • Foam brush for stain
  • Stain and sealant for finishing the wood

Constructing the Stool

Once I had gathered the materials, it was time for the fun part – building the stool!

Cutting the Wood Pieces

I measured and made some rough cuts on the planks to get the basic shape and size I wanted. I cut the legs to be around 18″ long.

Sanding and Staining

Before assembly, I sanded all the wood with increasingly finer grits until it was smooth. I brushed on a dark walnut stain to give it a rich aged look and let that fully dry.

Assembling the Seat

Using wood glue and screws, I attached the planks together to create the seat top. I made sure the edge planks were aligned and had an overhang.

Attaching the Legs

I centered and screwed the four legs into the underside of the seat, reinforcing with more glue. Getting the angles right here was tricky – I had to eyeball it.

Adding Decorative Details

Lastly, I attached the grooved trim boards around the seat bottom edge using wood glue to get a decorative accent.

Attaching and Staining the Tires

The final step was attaching the vintage tractor tires under the seat to complete the stool.

  • I lined them up symmetrically under the seat bottom and used sturdy deck screws to affix them securely through the wood into the tires.
  • I used the same walnut stain to finish the tires so they matched the rustic wood aesthetically.

Once the stain dried, I sealed and protected the entire stool with three coats of polyurethane.

The Finished Rustic Stool

I’m really pleased with how my handmade stool turned out! The aged wood has so much character, and the worn tractor tires make for a unique seating surface. It’s the perfect rustic kitchen or garage accent piece and was so fulfilling to build from recycled materials. This beginner-friendly project shows how scrap wood and old tires can be creatively upcycled into a functional work of art. Let me know if you tackle your own!