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Low-Maintenance Lawn Alternatives

There are several types of low-maintenance lawn alternatives available. These options share common characteristics that help them stay green year-round and keep them looking good.

One of the most eco-friendly alternatives to traditional grass is micro clover. This plant is able to fix nitrogen into the soil and requires less water than traditional grass.

A clover lawn is a popular alternative for homeowners in need of a green ground cover. It grows in a dense, compact form, which helps to crowd out weeds.

Moss is another low-maintenance lawn alternative. It is an attractive ground cover for shady areas, but it needs plenty of moisture and a sustainable irrigation solution.

Another option for a low-maintenance lawn is flower beds. Planting a bed of perennials and other flowers can help attract birds, pollinators, and wildlife to your property. They can also reduce runoff into waterways.

Creeping thyme is another excellent alternative to traditional grass. It is a hardy herb that spreads easily. If you have a small garden, a thyme bed can be expanded the following year.

Another low-maintenance, low-cost option for a lawn is moss. While moss is not a jack of all trades, it does have shallow roots and is an excellent ground cover. However, it is not a good choice if you have a lot of traffic in your yard.

You can make a playground with a mix of mown trails and a dense planting of perennials. Alternatively, you can turn an existing lawn into a meadow.

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