How to Use Recycled Plastic Bottles as Eco-Friendly Bricks

How to Use Recycled Plastic Bottles as Eco-Friendly Bricks

How to Use Recycled Plastic Bottles as Eco-Friendly Bricks


Recycling plastic bottles into bricks is an innovative way to reduce plastic waste and build sustainable structures. Plastic bottle bricks are a type of eco brick made by stuffing used plastic bottles with inorganic materials like plastic wrappers, papers, and fabrics. When tightly packed, these stuffed bottles can be used just like conventional bricks for various construction projects.

Using recycled plastic bottles for brick making has numerous environmental benefits. It helps prevent plastic from ending up in landfills and water bodies. The bricks made from recycled bottles are also durable, reusable, and energy-efficient.

In this guide, I will provide a step-by-step process on how to make bricks from used plastic bottles and use them for eco-friendly construction.

Gathering Materials

The first step is to collect the required materials for making plastic bottle bricks:

  • Used plastic bottles – You can collect bottles of various sizes and colors. Water bottles, soda bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles etc. can all be used. Ensure bottles are clean and dried before use.

  • Inorganic waste filler – You need discarded papers, plastic wrappers, fabric scraps and more to tightly stuff the bottles. Avoid using organic materials like food waste.

  • Sand – Fine sand is required to fill any gaps within the stuffed bottles to give them weight.

  • Cement – You need cement to bind the bottles together just like in conventional bricklaying.

  • Bricklaying tools – Trowel, spirit level, string line etc. are needed for bottle brick construction.

Cleaning and Preparing Bottles

Once you have gathered enough used plastic bottles, follow these steps to prepare them for brickmaking:

  • Remove labels – Peel off any labels on the bottles. Soak in water if needed to remove paper remains.

  • Clean thoroughly – Wash the bottles properly with soap and water. Ensure no dirt or debris is left inside.

  • Dry completely – Let the bottles air dry or use a towel to wipe away moisture. Drying prevents mold growth.

  • Cut uniformly – Use scissors to cut off the tops. Make sure all bottles are cut to the same height.

  • Crush flat – Crush the bottles flat with your hands or using a roller. This shape stacks better than cylindrical bottles.

Filling and Packing the Bottles

The next step is tightly packing the flattened plastic bottles:

  • Take the inorganic waste filler like plastic bags, paper, cardboard, fabric scraps etc. and stuff the bottles fully.

  • Pack down the filler material as much as possible to make the bottles rigid and solid.

  • Once packed, seal the open neck with the bottle cap or an adhesive tape.

  • Fill any gaps in the packed bottle with fine sand. This provides weight.

  • Make sure the filled bottles are uniform in size, tightly packed, and retain their flattened brick shape.

  • Repeat the packing process for all the bottles to create your eco bricks.

Constructing with Bottle Bricks

The process of building structures with plastic bottle bricks is similar to conventional bricklaying:

  • Make mortar – Mix an equal ratio of cement, sand and water to prepare the binding mortar.

  • Lay the foundation – Make a level, stable base as your foundation using traditional bricks.

  • Apply mortar – Spread a layer of mortar where the first row of bottle bricks will be placed.

  • Arrange bottles – Place the bottle bricks lengthwise in a staggered pattern just like normal bricks.

  • Fill gaps – Fill any gaps between bottles with mortar to bind them together.

  • Add next row – Once the mortar dries, spread mortar and add the next row of bottles crosswise.

  • Repeat – Keep alternating rows and binding bottles with mortar till the desired height is reached.

  • Plaster walls – Once structure is complete, plaster the walls if required for aesthetics.

  • Cure properly – Allow proper curing time before using the bottle brick structure.


Constructing sustainable buildings using recycled plastic bottle bricks is an innovative eco-friendly solution. It helps tackle plastic pollution and reduces usage of conventional bricks extracted from clay and soil. With proper cleaning, packing, layout techniques and curing, these durable and reusable bottle bricks can be assembled into various structures like homes, schools, low-cost housing and more. This offers environmental and economic benefits compared to traditional brick buildings.