How to Upcycle Your Old CDs into Windchimes

How to Upcycle Your Old CDs into Windchimes

How to Upcycle Your Old CDs into Windchimes


Old CDs can be creatively upcycled into beautiful windchimes to decorate your home or garden. Windchimes made from recycled CDs are inexpensive to make, eco-friendly, and provide a melodic tinkling when stirred by a breeze.

In this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide on how to upcycle old, unwanted CDs into windchimes. I will cover:

  • Materials needed
  • Preparing the CDs
  • Assembling the windchime
  • Hanging and displaying the windchime

So if you have a stash of old AOL trial CDs or scratched music CDs lying around, put them to good use and make an artsy windchime!

Materials Needed

To make a CD windchime you will need:

  • Old CDs – the more scratched or damaged the better, as pristine CDs can glare in sunlight. Aim for at least 5 CDs but you can use more.

  • Acrylic paint pens – to decorate the CDs (optional).

  • Eye screw – to hang the windchime.

  • Fishing line/thread – to hang the CDs. Nylon fishing line is ideal but any strong thread will work.

  • Beads – decorative beads to space between CDs.

  • Shells, keys or other found objects – for decorating (optional).

Preparing the CDs

Before assembling your windchime, you need to prepare the CDs by:

  • Washing the CDs with soap and water to remove grime, dust or residue.

  • Drying them thoroughly.

  • Sanding the edges of the hole in the center to remove any sharp bits that can cut the fishing line. Use fine grit sandpaper and twist your finger to smooth the edges.

  • Painting or decorating the CDs by hand with acrylic pens, mod podge and shells, spackling them with found objects – get creative!

  • Let any paint or glue dry fully before assembling.

Assembling the Windchime

Once your CDs are prepped, you can assemble your windchime:

Step 1: Mark the Windchime Length

  • Lay out the fishing line to your desired windchime length plus a few extra inches.

  • Tie an eye screw to one end and tape the line to a flat surface, marking the hanging length. This keeps everything tidy and evenly spaced while you work.

Step 2: String on the CDs

  • At the marked hanging length, string on a washer or bead.

  • Then alternate threading on CDs and beads/washers, spacing them evenly.

  • Add decorations like keys or shells by tying or gluing between CDs.

Step 3. Knot and Hang

  • Once you’ve finished stringing on the CDs, slide on a final bead or washer.

  • Tie several tight knots just above the final bead so they can’t slip.

  • Trim off any excess fishing line and hang up your new windchime!

Hanging and Displaying Your Windchime

Windchimes sound best when hung properly:

  • Hang in a breezy spot where air can circulate to allow the chime to sound. Good spots are near windows, patios, gardens, or doorways.

  • Angle the windchime so the CDs have room to strike each other and make sounds.

  • Use an eye screw and secure it into a beam, eave, tree branch, or other solid hanging spot.

  • Adjust the hanging length so the windchime is about two-thirds of the way from the hanging spot to the ground. This prevents the chimes clanging right against a surface.

  • For indoor use, simply hang in a doorway or near a frequently opened window.

Now relax and enjoy the gentle tinkling as a breeze causes your upcycled CD windchime to chime! Making your own windchime is inexpensive, eco-friendly, and provides a soothing addition to any indoor or outdoor space.