How to Upcycle Used Toilet Paper Rolls into Quirky Candle Holders

How to Upcycle Used Toilet Paper Rolls into Quirky Candle Holders

How to Upcycle Used Toilet Paper Rolls into Quirky Candle Holders

Reusing and repurposing household items is not only good for the environment, it can lead to some super creative projects! If you’re looking for a fun craft to do at home, upcycling used toilet paper rolls into quirky candle holders is easy, cheap and produces really cool results.

Gather Your Materials

The basic materials you’ll need for this easy DIY are:

  • Used toilet paper rolls – make sure they are empty. Save up a bunch so you have options for different sized candles.
  • Candles – votives, tapers, pillars etc. Get a variety of sizes to fit inside your TP rolls.
  • Acrylic paint – any colors you like! Craft paint works well.
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun + glue sticks
  • Embellishments – ribbons, lace, glitter, beads, sequins etc. Get creative!

Make sure you have a work surface protected by newspaper or scrap paper to avoid messes. An old shirt or apron is useful too. Gather all your materials together before you start crafting.

Design Your Candle Holders

Now comes the really fun part – dreaming up your toilet paper roll candle holder designs! Consider the following options:

  • Paint patterns or shapes – stripes, polka dots, flowers, swirls. Use stencils if you want really crisp lines.
  • Attach embellishments – wrap yarn or ribbon around the rolls, glue on beads, buttons or bows.
  • Make shapes – cut rolls to form stars, flowers etc. and glue pieces together.
  • Use multiple rolls – stack rolls in different sizes for height.
  • Cut silhouettes – carefully cut shapes out of rolls to let light shine through.
  • Add photos or text – decoupage cut outs from magazines, printed photos or sayings onto the rolls.

Sketch your ideas first if you want to plan a really intricate design. Otherwise just start crafting and see where your creativity takes you!

Paint and Decorate Your Rolls

Once you have an idea in mind, start customizing your toilet paper rolls. Here are some step-by-step instructions:

  1. Clean rolls – wipe off any dust or residue with a damp cloth. Let dry fully before painting.

  2. Add paint – using acrylic craft paint and a brush, paint the outside of the rolls. Do 2-3 coats allowing drying time between coats. Add any patterns with stencils at this stage.

  3. Affix any embellishments – when paint is fully dry, use hot glue to attach any decorative elements like ribbon, lace, buttons etc. Allow glue to fully set.

  4. Shape and form rolls – once painted and embellished, carefully use scissors to cut rolls into different shapes or sizes if desired.

  5. Stack or arrange pieces – if making a tiered or sculptural design, use hot glue to attach cut rolls and let set fully before moving on.

Take your time with this step to really make your rolls pop! Combining patterns, textures and colors yields super creative results.

Insert Candles and Enjoy Your Upcycled Holders

The final stage is simply placing your candles inside the customized toilet paper rolls. Battery-operated flameless candles are safest, but you can use traditional candles by adhering the following safety tips:

  • Only use on a stable, non-flammable surface. Never leave lit candles unattended.
  • Avoid placing near drapes, books, paper or other flammable items.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Extinguish candles fully before leaving the room. Trim wicks to 1⁄4 inch before lighting to avoid excess smoking.
  • Have a lid or snuffer tool handy to quickly extinguish flames if needed.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your handmade toilet paper roll candle holders! The rolled edges of the TP tubes will create a beautiful ambience when candles are lit inside. Give these eco-crafty candles as gifts or use them to decorate your own home.

Upcycling toilet paper rolls is so simple and affordable, but yields gorgeous results. With some basic materials and your creativity, you can turn trash into treasure! Not only are these candle holders budget-friendly, it feels good to give used items new life instead of tossing them out. Try making TP roll candles yourself and see what innovative designs you can dream up.