How to Upcycle Used Soda Cans into Eco-Friendly Candles

How to Upcycle Used Soda Cans into Eco-Friendly Candles

How to Upcycle Used Soda Cans into Eco-Friendly Candles

Upcycling used soda cans into candles is a fun and creative way to repurpose everyday objects into something new. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it can also make for a great DIY project or handmade gift.

Gathering Materials

To upcycle soda cans into candles, you will first need to gather some materials:

  • Used aluminum soda cans – Make sure they are clean and dry. Remove any paper labels.

  • Wicking material – This will be used to create the wick. You can use cotton string, jute twine, hemp wick, etc.

  • Hot glue gun – This will be used to adhere the wick to the inside of the can.

  • Soy wax flakes – Look for eco-friendly wax made from soybeans or other natural ingredients.

  • Fragrance oil (optional) – Add essential oils for scent.

  • Decorative items (optional) – Things like beads, glitter, flowers, etc. can be added for decoration.

Preparing the Cans

Before filling the cans with wax, you need to prep them:

  • Using scissors, carefully cut the soda can right below the tapered neck. This top portion can be recycled.

  • Clean the cut can thoroughly and allow to dry completely.

  • To create a wick hole, use a nail to gently poke a hole in the center of the can’s bottom.

Creating the Wick

Thread your wicking material through the hole and secure a knot on the inside of the can:

  • Cut a piece of wick about 2 inches longer than the height of the can.

  • Thread wick through the center hole from outside to in.

  • Knot wick at bottom of can and add a dot of hot glue to secure. Trim excess.

Adding the Wax

Now you’re ready to pour the wax into the soda can:

  • Place wax flakes in a heat-safe container and melt in a double boiler over low heat.

  • Once fully melted, remove from heat.

  • Stir in fragrance oil if using.

  • Carefully pour wax into the soda can, leaving 1⁄4 inch at top.

  • Let cool completely before moving. This may take a few hours.

Finishing Touches

To complete your upcycled candle:

  • Add any decorative elements – glitter, flowers, beads, etc.

  • Trim the wick so it is 1⁄4 inch above wax surface.

  • Set candle on a dish to catch melting wax when burning.

  • Enjoy your handmade creation! The candle can be safely burned once wax is fully hardened.

Upcycling soda cans into candles gives them new life! It cuts waste while letting your creativity shine through. Make these eco-friendly candles as gifts or decorate your home with them.