How to Upcycle Toilet Paper Rolls into Arts and Crafts

How to Upcycle Toilet Paper Rolls into Arts and Crafts

How to Upcycle Toilet Paper Rolls into Arts and Crafts


Reusing toilet paper rolls to make arts and crafts is a fun and creative way to reduce waste. Toilet paper rolls are easy to collect and can be transformed into a variety of DIY crafts. With a little imagination, these humble cardboard tubes can be upcycled into beautiful decorations, toys, organizers, and more.

In this article, I will provide a complete guide on how to upcycle toilet paper rolls covering everything from collecting and preparing materials to step-by-step instructions for making different crafts projects.

Collecting and Preparing Toilet Paper Rolls

The first step is gathering enough toilet paper rolls for your craft project. Here are some tips for collecting and preparing the rolls:

  • Save rolls from home – Start stashing rolls from your own home bathroom. Install a small bin or basket in your bathroom to collect rolls as you use up toilet paper.

  • Ask family and friends – Tell people you know to save rolls for you. Offer to pick them up or have them drop them off.

  • Check with public restrooms – Schools, libraries, businesses etc. may be willing to collect and donate rolls they would otherwise discard.

  • Remove excess cardboard – Make sure to remove any excess cardboard from the interior of the rolls. You just want the tube shape.

  • Clean rolls – Wipe toilet paper rolls with a disinfecting wipe or damp cloth to clean them before crafting.

  • Flatten or cut rolls – Depending on the project, you may want to flatten, cut, or alter the rolls in some way to prepare them.

Arts and Crafts Projects

There are endless possibilities for upcycling toilet paper rolls! Here are some of the most popular ideas:

Toilet Paper Roll Animals

Turn toilet paper rolls into cute animal figurines. Paint rolls to make pandas, snakes, caterpillars, mice, and more. Use additional materials like googly eyes, pom poms, and pipe cleaners to add details.

Stamp Roll Prints

Cut toilet paper rolls in half lengthwise to make stamps. Dip the end of the roll in paint and stamp onto paper to make geometric prints.

Toilet Paper Roll Ornaments

Make holiday decorations from rolls! Paint and decorate rolls to create Christmas tree ornaments or Halloween decor. String them together to make garlands.

Toilet Paper Roll Birds Feeder

Convert toilet paper rolls into bird feeders for your garden. Coat rolls in peanut butter and birdseed then hang with string. The birds will love them!

Toilet Paper Roll Lanterns

Punch decorative holes in toilet paper rolls then insert an LED tealight to create ambient lighting. You can decorate the lanterns with tissue paper, stickers, marker designs etc. for extra flair.

Toilet Paper Roll Race Track

Connect multiple toilet paper rolls together into a long racetrack shape. Use with toy cars for an easy DIY toy. Spray paint rolls with colored paint first to jazz it up.

Toilet Paper Roll Organizers

Toilet paper rolls are great for organizing and storing craft supplies, office supplies like pens and pencils, makeup brushes, and more. Decorate them with stickers or washi tape.

Tips and Inspiration

  • Use cardstock, construction paper, tissue paper, crepe paper etc. to extend the length of rolls for certain projects.

  • Acrylic paint, spray paint, and markers all work well for decorating rolls. Add dimension with glitter or pom poms.

  • Check out Pinterest or YouTube for video tutorials on toilet paper roll crafts for step-by-step instructions.

  • DIY blogs like The Spruce Crafts have plenty of toilet paper roll craft ideas to spark your creativity.

With a little effort, you can upcycle toilet paper rolls into amazing arts and crafts! It keeps the rolls out of landfills and reduces waste. Plus, making your own crafts is fun, frugal, and eco-friendly. Get collecting those toilet paper rolls and start crafting today!