How to Upcycle Old Socks into Reusable Bag Liners

How to Upcycle Old Socks into Reusable Bag Liners

How to Upcycle Old Socks into Reusable Bag Liners

I have recently discovered an easy way to upcycle old socks that have holes or are mismatched into reusable bag liners. This is a great way to reduce waste and give old socks new life.

Gather Materials

To start, you will need:

  • Old socks (the softer and more worn, the better)
  • Scissors
  • Reusable shopping bags

I like to use old cotton athletic socks or lightweight dress socks that are too worn to be donated. Thinner socks tend to work best since they are more flexible.

Cut Socks to Size

Take each sock and cut off the foot portion, leaving you with just the leg/tube of the sock. The length you cut will depend on the size of your reusable bags. For standard grocery-sized reusable bags, I recommend cutting the sock tube to around 15-20 inches long.

It’s best to err on the side of longer – you can always trim them down more later if needed. The cutoff foot portions can be recycled or used for cleaning rags.

Insert Socks in Bags

Now take your cut sock tubes and insert one in each reusable shopping bag, like a liner. Push the sock all the way down to the bottom corner of the bag. The sock should fit nicely along the sides and bottom of the bag, covering the interior.

If your sock tube is too long, simply trim the end so it lays flat along the bottom. You want a snug fit so the sock stays in place when items are added.

Enjoy Your Upcycled Bag Liners

That’s it! With just a few snips, you’ve given new life to old socks and created easy removable liners.

I like to designate certain socks for certain bags – like red socks for grocery bags and green socks for produce bags. This makes it easy to identify which liner goes with which shopping bag.

These upcycled sock liners:

  • Protect bag interiors from stains, moisture and wear/tear
  • Provide cushioning for delicate items like produce or eggs
  • Make bags easier to clean – just remove liner and toss in wash!
  • Reduce need for single-use plastic bags at grocery and produce stands

So next time you come across an old lone sock, hold onto it! With this simple DIY, you can reduce waste and reuse an item that would otherwise be headed for the trash.